iPhone Battery Drain: Best Ways to Save Battery life of iPhones

iPhone Battery Drain

iPhones are one of the most powerful and popular mobile phones in existence today with lots of exciting inbuilt features that could drain your battery and keep you charging your phone more often. If you have encountered regular iPhone battery drain before or rather at the moment then it’s high you thought of ways to save battery life of your iPhone. There are so many ways you can prevent iPhone […]

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How to Noindex WordPress Tags and Categories

Noindex Wordpress Tags and Categories

Want to know why you should Noindex WordPress Tags and Categories on your blog? Keeping a clean SEO structure is very important for every blogger. In this era of Google Panda, you ought to try so hard to maintain only relevant pages for your search results else you could become victim of this ranking algorithm. As for WordPress users, some of the web pages that should never appear on search […]

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8 Most Vital Benefits of Affiliate Link Cloaking

Affiliate Link Cloaking

Link cloaking is a synergy that shortens long affiliate links into short and clean links. Usually, the first part of the url is the address of a website and the second is a shorter url that represents the brand you are affiliated to. Affiliate link cloaking is definitely one of the must-dos of Affiliate Marketing. It’s a good practice to hide your real affiliate link urls from your visitors / […]

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The Myth behind Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

Are you among the circle that keeps searching for the best Web hosting for unlimited bandwidth? Truth is most newbies keep roaming on several offers from various web hosting companies that promise them unmetered bandwidth and disk space but does unlimited bandwidth or disk space exist? This article has all the answers you may need to know regarding unlimited bandwidth and disk space on the internet today. You have to […]

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Which is the best Website Hosting site? My Top Pick & Review

best Website Hosting

Everyone who thinks of buying web hosting for their new sites simply wants nothing less than the best of the server they are planning to host their sites in. So which is the best website hosting site? This question is a bit tricky because so many website hosting services are in place currently and it’s very uncertain to single out a web host who will top the industry in each […]

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Unlimited Web Hosting: Host Unlimited with these Web Hosts

Host Unlimited

Tired of your server timing out because of less resources or rather getting reminders about web hosting account upgrades? What if you signed up with web hosts who will let you host unlimited? Whether it’s shared, cloud, virtual or dedicated hosting, i believe you can still get a package from a web host that will make you get enough resources to run your website smoothly without any serious problems. Are […]

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Simplest Guide for Starting a WordPress Blog (Quickest Tutorial)

Starting a Wordpress Blog

Feel like starting a WordPress blog to spark off your blogging journey? Blogging is fun but requires a lot of dedication and commitment of course not forgetting patience. You are not going to start a blog and expect it to yield right away or in just a few months with a few articles unless you have been in the game for long, probably identified a low competition niche and you […]

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