5 Best Inexpensive Web Hosting companies 2017 / 2018

When we talk about web hosting, there are a lot of points to consider right from a monetary perspective to reliability of a web hosting provider. Fact is almost everyone wants to opt for a cheap web hosting provider and sign up for cheapest web hosting and get the best resources that can run their websites successfully but in some occasions, we can’t get the best for less because our websites demand a lot so we do away with affordable web hosting services and end up settling for expensive web hosting.

Cheapest Web Hosting

If your blog receives less than 100,000 page views monthly then these hosting plans will work for you but in case the resources are not enough then you can still upgrade your package from these hosts. The cheap web hosting companies i have shared below are very reliable and you can trust their services. I have used most of them and i guarantee they will offer you more for less.

Cheapest Web Hosting Providers

Please note that so many providers out there claim to provide affordable web hosting plans but fall short of resources. It’s always recommended to host your website with an established brand that has a good reputation and be sure of reliability and guarantees such as up-time. You can look for such brands by comparing their cheap hosting reviews from several sites that provide web hosting reviews.

1 – Hostgator – $3.95 / Month

Cheapest Web Hosting

Hostgator is undoubtedly one of the best affordable web hosting companies and still provides one of the cheapest web hosting services in the industry. Their standard shared hosting plan begins from $3.95 per month for the hatchling plan but restricts you to 100GB web space, WordPress hosting begins from $5.95 per month, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting from $9.98 per month and dedicated hosting from $76.56 per month. Besides their friendly prices, their customer care services are excellent and will always guarantee you immediate feedback whenever you need help with their services. They also offer coupons that let you purchase web hosting packages for less hence, i recommend you always check with their website for the current coupons before making any purchase.

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2 – BlueHost – $3.95 / Month

Cheapest Web Hosting

BlueHost is not only one of the most reliable and reputable web hosting providers in the world. They also provides one of the cheapest web hosting services. Their shared hosting plans start from $3.95 / month with a limit of 50GB web space, dedicated hosting from $74.99 per month, cloud hosting from $5.95 per month, optimized WordPress hosting from $12.49 per month and VPS hosting from $14.99 per month. I always recommend them among the hosting companies that provide the most affordable web hosting.

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3 – SiteGround – $3.95 per month

Best Web Hosting

SiteGround is very cost friendly and provide one of the best performances of a web server. They also stand among the most reputable web hosting companies in the world. Their shared web hosting package starts as low as $3.95 a month inclusive of a free Domain Name. If you can’t settle for any of the first two companies on the list then i strongly recommend giving SiteGround a shot.

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4 – JustHost – $3.95 / Month

Cheapest Web Hosting

JustHost has an introductory offer of $3.95 / Month. This offer entitles you to a free domain, unlimited disk pace, unlimited bandwidth plus so many other great features. They might be new in the web hosting industry but their services are excellent. I host one of my websites on their server and i haven’t noticed any technical issues with them.

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5 – eHost – $2.75 per month

Cheapest Web Hosting

eHost provides super cheap web hosting but comes fifth because it falls short of reputation compared to the web hosts above. With an introductory offer of $2.75 per month for unlimited disk space and bandwidth, eHost slots up among the cheapest web hosting providers. The regular rate for renewal is $5.50 per month which is quite cheap for unlimited hosting. The company hosts over 1 million websites accompanied by a number of positive reviews from customers. You can try them out and i guarantee you wont regret signing up with them but in case you do,you have 45 days to request for a refund.

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Please note that most of the rates above are introductory / promotional rates which apply to only your first term of hosting. The hosting packages are renewable at normal rates so i recommend finding out the renewable rate before signing up for any package. All the companies above have cost-friendly renewable rates. The cheap web hosting sites will offer you the best cheapest web hosting services for your website. You can sign up with any of them today.

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  1. Hi Kolo,

    Thanks for sharing your best inexpensive web hosts.

    I definitely think that eHost is the best yet cheap web host out there. I am hosting my site there and have been receiving excellent 24/7 customer support, free domain for 1st year, and free marketing credits.

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