Are you looking to host your site for free? i have a number of good free web hosting sites laid down on this article that will not only let you host a site but also ensure that you get ad free hosting. A number of web hosts out there provide free web hosting, some of them place ads on your website and some don’t. In this article i managed to list down some of the best free web hosting providers you can sign up for. These free web hosting sites are also 100% ads free and will offer you free web hosting without ads. However, i wouldn’t recommend free web hosting and i suggest you look for money for a paid hosting service as your website is being hosted freely. Free web hosting comes with a lot of consequences and limitations. Listed below are some of the cons of opting for it:

Free Web Hosting
  • Limited resources (disk space, bandwidth and more)
  • Limited customization
  • Not good for SEO
  • Less support services
  • Limited hosting features

Some providers place advertisements on your website to boost their revenue. All of them provide limited resources on their free web hosting packages but provide more when you upgrade. You are also limited to customization, you won’t perform well on a SEO perspective, you will probably have less support services and limited hosting features such as applications that come with paid hosting services. They also don’t offer free custom domains except one that has an extension of their own domain. The top free web hosting providers i have listed below will let you experience less of these consequences.

Which are the Best Free Web Hosting Providers

If you run a small website and feel you are ready to keep up with the cons above then below are some of the best free web hosting options for you.

1 –

This free web hosting site is one of the oldest free web hosting providers in the industry. The company was founded in 1996 and provides some of the best free hosting services in the industry except that you need to purchase a domain to sign up for their services. They have no file size limit, offer 10GB free hosting space and 250GB bandwidth, offer free multilingual Cpanel, Free web tools and application hosting, E-Mail & WebMail Hosting (IMAP, POP3 and SMTP) and provide a couple of CMS installation scripts. They also support FTP and a wide array of scripts. They provide 100% free ad free web hosting but usually allocate less CPU and memory resources on accounts which might slow down your sites at times but still i single them out as my best free web hosting provider.

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2 – X10 Hosting

X10 Hosting will host your website for free and won’t shortchange on it’s features. Your website’s control panel will be powered by Cpanel, you will have FTP access, create email accounts and will manage your MySQL databases using PHPMyAdmin. Their dashboard has a couple of auto-install scripts and a free website builder. According to their website, they claim they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space but i doubt because several users have complained getting disk space limitations yet their control panel shows they still have enough. X10 hosting doesn’t place advertisements on your website but they allow you to place your own advertisements. The scripts they support are PHP, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, Python, CGI and Perl.

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3 – Award Space

Award space is not only one of the best free hosting providers in the industry but provides good web hosting packages too. Previously they used to offer 250MB of disk storage and 5GB monthly traffic but now they offer 1GB Disk storage and 5GB Monthly traffic. They offer 1 MySQL database, 1 email (IMAP, POP3), support Webmail, allow you to send emails, support 1 domain (Purchased by you), 3 sub domains, give you FTP access and support various scripts like PHP and Perl-CGI-BIN. They also have a Joomla and WordPress installer in case you need to use any of the content management systems on your website.

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4 –

With 1GB disk storage and 5GB monthly transfer, chips in among the web hosting companies that provide the best resources for their free plans. Besides storage and bandwidth, they offer free setup, green web hosting, free domains, allow you to host up to 4 websites, offer 1 email account (POP3, IMAP & SMTP supported), WebMail, Anti Spam virus protection and so much more. Thy also support PHP4/PHP5 hosting, CGI/Perl support, over 3000 Perl Modules and a GD library.

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All the web hosting companies above except have both free and paid plans. If at any one point you feel the server resources are not enough you can easily upgrade to a paid package. Good thing is their paid packages are inexpensive / pocket friendly. Looking to host your website for free? look no further than the selection above.