Want to know the best web hosting affiliate programs? Web hosting affiliate programs pay really much as compared to other affiliate programs because the web hosting industry is extremely competitive. These companies pay out very huge commissions to get customers and with time make profits from them since they are sure their services are good enough to retain their customers for a very long time.

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If you are a newbie to web hosting affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing in general then you might have to consider these kind of programs. I have come across several articles saying you have to be in certain niches to make sales which is not true. I myself made several sales from a Ugandan entertainment magazine and am here to encourage you to give it a shot. It’s true certain niches give the best results but i believe if you have good traffic you can’t fail to make sales from any kind of websites. The only difference will be the number of sales you make a month.

With the massive competition in the web hosting industry, there is no web hosting company you will cite out that provides the best web hosting affiliate program but rather try and settle for what works best for you. Some web hosting affiliate programs will show high conversion rates while others wont.

Which are the Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

In this article i consider so many aspects, right from withhold period, the cost per sale, the conversion rates and customer care support. What you also need to know is all the web hosting companies below only support Check and Paypal payment systems.

1 – WP Engine ($200+ per sale)

WP Engine still provides the highest commission among’st all web hosting affiliate programs. Previously, their commission rate was $150 per sale but now it shot to $200 a sale or 100% of the first month’s payment. Their cookie based tracking software allows affiliates to be credited up to 6 months after the first click. WP Engine is currently among web hosting companies that provide the best web hosting for WordPress but they limit sites to 400,000 visitors and 30GB of storage.

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2 – GreenGeeks ($50 – $100 per sale)

GreenGeeks is one of my best web hosting affiliate programs. Not only do they have a good payout rate but also a tiered commission structure that lets you earn up to $100 for each new affiliate you refer to them. Currently they commission $50 for one referral, $60 for two, $70 for three, $80 for four, $90 for five and $100 for six or more referrals. Payments are only made via check or Paypal.

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3 – iPage ($105 – $150 per sale)

iPage web hosting commissions basing on the package purchased. A dedicated hosting sale is commissioned more than a shared hosting sale. Shared Hosting and VPS hosting referrals earn you a commission of $105 per sale , WP Essential Hosting referrals earn you a commission of $120 per sale and dedicated hosting referrals earn you a commission of $150 per sale.

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4 – BlueHost ($65 per sale)

Of all the web hosting affiliate programs i have used, BlueHost is my best and i prioritize it more than the rest. When i first signed up for BlueHost affiliate program, i managed to make 3 sales out of roughly 76 clicks which is quite a good conversion rate. Their payout might be a bit low but they have a good company repetition and hundreds of positive reviews on Web Hosting Talk. Their interface if easy to use and their tracking system makes it possible to track the exact pages that sent in the referrals.

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5 – Siteground ($50 – $125 per sale)

Siteground pays more basing on the number of referrals you make a month. 1 – 5 sales will earn a $50 commission per referral, 6 – 10 sales will earn you a $75 commission per referral, 11 – 20 sales will earn you a $100 commission per referral and 21 sales onwards will earn you a $125 commission per sale. Pretty interesting right? we are not yet even done. Siteground pays commissions weekly, they have no minimum monthly sales making it possible to receive payments for a single sale and they have a short withholding period of 30 days as well oppose to other web hosts who may hold your earnings for 45 days to 90 days.

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6 – Hostgator ($50 – $125 per sale)

Just like Siteground, Hostgator affiliate program’s commission increases as you make more sales. 1 – 5 sales will earn a $50 commission per referral, 6 – 10 sales will earn you a $75 commission per referral, 11 – 20 sales will earn you a $100 commission per referral and 21 sales onwards will earn you a $125 commission per sale. Their withhold period is 2 months and their minimum payout amount is $100 implicating you have to make at least 2 sales to qualify for a payout. They have a wide collection of banners that can help market their products.

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7 – DreamHost ($97 per sale)

DreamHost pays a fixed amount of $97 per sale. For you earnings to be confirmed, the referred customer must maintain an active account throughout the money back guarantee period of 97 days. Their dashboard is simple and easy to use and they have a great conversion rate too. They charge a 5% fee for transferring the funds but one thing i like about them is you don’t have to fill in any tax forms in case you are not a US citizen or company. You might think of giving DreamHost affiliate program a shot.

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8 – Arvixe Web Hosting ($70 – $135 per sale)

Arvixe web hosting affiliate program also offers more commission rates for the more sales you make a month. 1-6 sales a month earns you $70 per sale, 7-12 sales a month earns you $90 per sale, 13-19 sales a month earns you $115 per sale and 19+ sales earns you $135 per sale. Their minimum payout threshold is $70 and are paid after 2 months.

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9 – Inmotion Hosting ($50 per sale)

Inmotion web hosting affiliate program commissions $50 per Sale but they have one of the highest conversion rates. They offer affiliate referral bonuses, have a dedicated affiliate customer care helpline, offer 2nd Tier Commissions plus so many more features that will make you enjoy their affiliate program. I have put them last because their affiliate dashboard has an average user interface compared to the rest.

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So many web hosting companies out there offer affiliate programs but some of them don’t pay and don’t record accurate statistics which might leave you cheated for your hard work. All web hosting companies above pay so long as their terms and conditions are met. Are you already using some web hosting affiliate programs? Tell us about your experience below.