The best way to Make Money without Adsense

Make Money without Adsense

Google Adsense is probably the best way to begin monetizing your website if you are a newbie to blogging but question is, is Adsense the best way to monetize a blog? I believe you have encountered blogs that look plain like they have no ads but truth is they do. Most pro bloggers nowadays mainly use affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs and the results are great. Affiliate marketing is […]

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Best Ads Placement Guide with Adsense Heatmap

Adsense Heatmap

When you search about ways of increasing Adsense CPC, one of the most common words you will encounter is following the Google Adsense Heatmap placement guide while implementing ads on your blog. The Adsense Heatmap placement guide will not only show you where to put ads for the best CTR but will help you attract high CPC ads too which will increase your Adsense earnings. Placing ads in the recommended […]

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Best practices for Protecting Adsense Account

protect an Adsense account

Getting approved for Adsense is one thing but to protect an Adsense account from getting disabled is another. What you should know is so may factors could get your Adsense account disabled, you can refer to this post for some of the reasons why most accounts are disabled. You have to learn how to protect your Adsense account. If you always protect an Adsense account, you might as well have […]

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How to appeal and get disabled Adsense account back

disabled Adsense account

My Adsense account is disabled, can i recover it? This is a very common question among publishers who get banned from Adsense. The answer to that question is a YES. You can send an appeal and recover a disabled Adsense account but it all depends on the circumstances on which your account was disabled. If your Adsense account was disabled for invalid click activity then that might as well be […]

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Factors that Affect Google Adsense CPC

Affect Google Adsense

A bunch of bloggers who make money with Google Adsense have thrown various questions regarding how to increase Adsense CPC but fact is so many factors affect Google Adsense Cost Per Click, reason why some blogs will earn more than others in terms of clicks. If you manage to play around with the factors i have listed below then you might easily increase your Google Adsense CPC which means better […]

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Best ways to Increase Adsense CPC

Increase Adsense CPC

Want to know how to increase Adsense CPC? you are not alone. So many bloggers out there that rely on Adsense search for ways to increase Adsense CPC each and everyday simply because they want to make reasonable income from Google Adsense. Nothing sucks like getting less from Adsense while giving in more. Very many publishers get extremely low CPCs on their blogs which is not satisfactory at all. Talking […]

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Best Google Adsense guide for Beginners

google adsense guide

Adsense is a Google advertising service that lets publishers earn money from clicks or views on adverts placed on their respective websites. I though of writing a Google Adsense guide because most newbie bloggers opt for it as a primary source of income which is a good thing. It’s always good to start off with Adsense before you explore other monetization networks. For all the years i have used Adsense […]

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