Why you will get banned from Adsense

banned from adsense

Getting banned from Adsense sucks and i’ve seen lots of bloggers in despair because their accounts got disabled for invalid activity. More worse it’s not only the account that gets a ban, your domain is banned forever too implicating any more ads you place on the website will lead to your future Adsense accounts getting banned as well. Google doesn’t disclose the exact reason for the ban but expects all […]

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How to reverse Google Adsense Smart Pricing

Adsense Smart Pricing

It’s possible to reverse Google Adsense Smart Pricing. Your account cannot be smart priced for good if you are working towards getting the ban lifted. If you do nothing about it then you might never get out of the loop. I have read several stories of bloggers complaining about getting CPCs extremely low as $0.01 despite getting over 100 clicks on their adverts daily. This doesn’t look normal right? well […]

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Facts about Google Adsense Smart Pricing

Google Adsense Smart Pricing

If you have been using Google Adsense for long then i believe you should be familiar with the word ‘Smart Price’. So what is smart pricing in Adsense? Google Adsense smart pricing was designed by Google to raise an advertiser’s confidence in their Adsense monetization network. Google assumes all advertisers need at least a result from their clicks meaning if the click is less likely to result into a sale, […]

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Highest Paying Google Adsense Niches

Google Adsense

One common FAQ from bloggers is the highest paying Google Adsense niches or keywords. It feels good getting high CPC (Cost Per Click) clicks from google ads. That means you will be able to earn much from less clicks isn’t it? Imagine you are able to get $100 from an average of 100 clicks, meaning each click earns you an average of $1. That is not bad money for a […]

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How to Increase Google Adsense click conversion rate

How to Increase Google Adsense click conversion rate

It’s good to Increase Google Adsense click conversion rate. Imagine most of the Adsense clicks that come from your blog converts into sales for the advertiser, wouldn’t that be nice? These are one of the lesser known factors that influence the CPC (Cost Per Click) you get from Adsense ads. Truth is the costs per clicks are usually high on websites that have high conversion rates. A few years ago, […]

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7 best alternatives for Google Adsense

alternatives for Google adsense

You have been banned from Google Adsense or perhaps you feel it’s not living up to your expectations so what next?. Usually new bloggers opt for Google Adsense as a primary source of income which i did too. A few years ago when i started my blogging career i didn’t know so much about monetization schemes but at-least i knew Google Adsense and the benefits it would bring basing on […]

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Why you should never use Infolinks on your blog

use Infolinks

Being named among the best Google Adsense alternatives, i believe Infolinks can earn you good money but still there reasons why you should never use Infolinks on your Blog. Am going to list down those reasons below but i want to make it clear that am not discouraging you completely from Joining Infolinks just that if it doesn’t work for you then i recommend you should never use Infolinks on […]

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How to increase your infolinks earnings

increase your infolinks earnings

Infolinks is said to be one of the best alternatives for Google Adsense which is true but what you should know is infolinks doesn’t work for everyone. You might try to increase your infolinks earnings but you won’t be contented with the results you get from your efforts. I have used infolinks before and had a bad experience with them but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it. […]

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Highest paying infolinks keywords (Updated)

infolinks keywords

Infolinks can be a headache if you are not getting any good income from it. Most bloggers who get banned from Google Adsense opt for Infolinks as the best alternative but many give up early enough into the monetization network because of getting less for more from it. Just like Google Adsense, Infolinks too has an array of keywords that will earn you reasonable amounts of money and in case […]

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