The Myth behind Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

Are you among the circle that keeps searching for the best Web hosting for unlimited bandwidth? Truth is most newbies keep roaming on several offers from various web hosting companies that promise them unmetered bandwidth and disk space but does unlimited bandwidth or disk space exist? This article has all the answers you may need to know regarding unlimited bandwidth and disk space on the internet today. You have to […]

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Which is the best Website Hosting site? My Top Pick & Review

best Website Hosting

Everyone who thinks of buying web hosting for their new sites simply wants nothing less than the best of the server they are planning to host their sites in. So which is the best website hosting site? This question is a bit tricky because so many website hosting services are in place currently and it’s very uncertain to single out a web host who will top the industry in each […]

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Unlimited Web Hosting: Host Unlimited with these Web Hosts

Host Unlimited

Tired of your server timing out because of less resources or rather getting reminders about web hosting account upgrades? What if you signed up with web hosts who will let you host unlimited? Whether it’s shared, cloud, virtual or dedicated hosting, i believe you can still get a package from a web host that will make you get enough resources to run your website smoothly without any serious problems. Are […]

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BlueHost Review: Why i recommend Bluehost for WordPress

BlueHost Review

When you talk about starting a WordPress Blog, 7 out of 10 WordPress experts will advise you to buy web hosting with . Besides this Bluehost review, I would definitely recommend them any day too to any blogger who is just getting started with their blogging journey, reason being they are one of the best web hosts when it comes to shared WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. Even WordPress […]

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Getting started with WordPress hosting: Best Guide for Beginners

Wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting can be categorized into multiple segments like; Shared WordPress Hosting, Dedicated WordPress Hosting, VPS WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. These types are variant especially in terms of resource allocation, price and performance. I am going to explain more about the two most important segments (Shared WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting) and cite out their pros and cons later in the post. What you should know is […]

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5 Hosts that offer the Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Web Hosting for Wordpress

What is the best web hosting for WordPress? this is a very common question especially among people who intend to start up a WordPress blog. What you should know is WordPress requires a certain amount of resources to run effectively. The themes and plugins you install will use a certain amount of resources on your server which could keep increasing as your visitors increase. So before you jump into starting […]

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