How to Noindex WordPress Tags and Categories

Noindex Wordpress Tags and Categories

Want to know why you should Noindex WordPress Tags and Categories on your blog? Keeping a clean SEO structure is very important for every blogger. In this era of Google Panda, you ought to try so hard to maintain only relevant pages for your search results else you could become victim of this ranking algorithm. As for WordPress users, some of the web pages that should never appear on search […]

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[solved] Infinite Spinning arrow in Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 plugin is currently the most used contact form plugin in WordPress. In fact when you search on the internet for procedures of creating a contact page for your blog, most blogs will ask you to download Contact Form 7. The plugin is absolute free and survives on donations but has a lot of great features. However, there have been a few misconceptions about WordPress not sending emails […]

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How to Add a Favicon to WordPress site

Add a Favicon

A favicon is that tiny image browsers display left to a page’s title on a browsers tab. It is used by browsers to visually identify web pages easily implicating it’s very vital to add a favicon to your website for such a benefit. Want to add one today? no worries, this article shows exactly how to add favicon in WordPress but let me first take you back in time. Favicons […]

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How to block WordPress Backend Access

block Wordpress

If you are using WordPress to power your blog then you have to block WordPress back end login page or else you might fall prone to brute force attacks and have your website hacked. This is probably one of the best ways to secure WordPress sites because only white-listed IP addresses can access WordPress admin. One other problem with not blocking access to your blog’s back-end is an increase in […]

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How to display related posts in WordPress

How to display related posts in Wordpress

When it comes to WordPress, i have always discouraged people from using plugins unless they have no option. A good plugin can be hard to find as most plugins have really limited features for free plans but rather provide good features for paid plans which might not sound right to you. Poorly coded plugins can consume a lot of server resources as well and make you prone to phama-harks. Some […]

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