Want to learn how to create how to create databases in Cpanel? If you are looking to develop dynamic websites and applications then you need a database to keep your data. In this article i will show you the exact steps to follow to easily create a database in Cpanel. Since i recommend MySQL databases, this article mainly focuses on MySQL.

Database in Cpanel

When i just got exposed to dealing with web server control panels, i used to create a database separately, create database users separately then add the user to the database. I won’t say this doesn’t work, it does work but it’s the long-cut of creating a database in Cpanel. Using MySQL Database Wizard will create everything at once and is much simpler. You don’t have to worry about adding a user to a different database because by the time the wizard summarizes, you are sure the user you created already has privileges to the database you created.

How do we Create a Database in Cpanel

Creating a database in Cpanel is easy, but before we get started you need to strongly consider these points.

  • The maximum length of a database name is 64 characters
  • Don’t create a database and a user using PHP MyAdmin
  • Use Auto-generate feature to generate strong passwords

The maximum length of characters allowed for a database name are 64 characters meaning you have to keep the name within that length. Since most accounts already have default set characters, you are limited to only 54 characters that you can add after the default characters. It’s also not recommended to create a database or users using PHP MyAdmin. One other feature you shouldn’t ignore is the password auto-generate feature. If you can assign strong passwords then well and good but using this feature will help you generate extremely strong passwords for extra security.

Considering the points i mentioned above, we can now proceed to creating our database in Cpanel. This article shows you exactly how to create a database in Cpanel in case you are new to it.

Step 1 – Click on MySQL Database Wizard

Under the databases tab in your Cpanel dashboard, click on MySQL Database Wizard to initiate the process.

Database in Cpanel

Step 2 – Enter Database Name

You have to enter your database name in the next step. Like said earlier, you are limited to 54 characters. You can use any characters within that length to name your database .

Database in Cpanel

Step 3 – Create Database User

The third step involved creating a database user. This is the same user you will assign privileges to the database. Enter a user name in the first box then use the password auto-generate feature to generate for you a strong user password. Make sure you copy the generated password to a safe place because you will need it later.

Database in Cpanel

Step 4 – Add User to the Database

The next step involves adding the user you just created to the database. Usually all you have to do is check the ‘ALL PRIVILEGES’ check box and proceed to the next step.

Database in Cpanel

That sums of the procedure of creating a MySQL database in Cpanel. The key details to keep after creating the database are:

  • Database Name
  • Database User Name
  • Database User Password

You will need this information later on when configuring your website or application to access the database you created. What you should know is creating a database for a website is very simple and not hard like most newbies think. Any questions regarding creating a database in Cpanel? feel free to drop a comment below.