Infolinks can be a headache if you are not getting any good income from it. Most bloggers who get banned from Google Adsense opt for Infolinks as the best alternative but many give up early enough into the monetization network because of getting less for more from it.

infolinks keywords

Just like Google Adsense, Infolinks too has an array of keywords that will earn you reasonable amounts of money and in case you lack the keywords then you will be sending visitors away from your blog for almost no cent which is not good for a blogger.

I did some research and managed to cite out some of the niches that pay high in Infolinks. I couldn’t settle for the exact infolinks keywords but writing about topics that fall within the niches might do you the magic.

Which Infolinks Keywords pay most?

Keywords with a lot of advertisers are usually high paying but your earnings are also affected by a number of factors right from the kind and amount of traffic your blog receives to the way your infolinks account was customized. The Infolinks Keywords / niches below might elevate your earnings by a good percentage though no niche has been confirmed to have the highest paying keywords. Otherwise, if you are looking to make good money from infolinks high paying keywords should be your priority.

  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Web Hosting
  • Making Money Online
  • Technology
  • Forex Trading
  • Debts
  • Domains

The whole idea behind keywords is finding low competition keywords that are likely to drive traffic to your blog. If you write about the topics above, you won’t go through a lot to get organic traffic if at all your posts are well customized for SEO and your SEO is in the right place too. Those topics attract most of US traffic which is exactly what we want to increase our earnings.

Writing about topics that fall within the niches above will not guarantee you an increase in your infolinks earnings. If your blog receives less traffic or mainly non-US traffic then Infolinks might not be the right scheme for you. However, if you write about the same topics and get lots of US traffic or millions of Non-US traffic then you might have a future with Infolinks.