Are you done creating a group page on Facebook and trying to add members in it? Adding members to Facebook groups one by one can be a hell of a task but that shouldn’t be your worry because i am going to show you how to add all your friends to a Facebook group at once using a script. Before using this Facebook group-adding script make sure you are one of the Facebook group admins.

add all friends to a Facebook group

Very many people have been banned from Facebook groups for a number of days because of using scripts to Before using this script to add members to Facebook groups not because the script doesn’t work, but because they use it the wrong way. I don’t want you to get banned that’s why am laying out some precautions below. To use this script safely make sure:

  • You are an Admin of the Group
  • You have less than 700 friends
  • Your Facebook account is at least 1 year old
  • You haven’t been banned before

If you don’t meet what i have laid above then i totally discourage you from using this script or else you will receive a ban any group interactions or get your account locked. Otherwise, if you meet everything then we can get started with our tutorial.

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Step 1 – Open Facebook Group

The first thing you have to do is open the group you wish to add members to and like said above, make sure you have administrator privileges to the group.

Step 2 – Open Browser’s console and paste script in it (Get code below)

Now open your browser’s console and paste the custom code i shared below in it. To open your browser’s console, press Ctrl + Shift + J (Chrome & Firefox) or press F12 and select the console tab on the debug box that shows up then paste the unique script in it. Ignore any Facebook warning message discouraging you from pasting codes in the console because i have used the code before and it’s very safe.

Get script here

After pasting the code and pressing enter, your friends will automatically start getting added to the group. Not all friends on the list will get added because sometimes the script fails to add certain friends but like said before, if you have more than 700 friends make sure you close the Facebook Tab on your browser when the script reaches 600 friends to avoid your account from getting blocked or receiving a ban.

If you have less than 700 friends then you are less likely to get noticed but you shouldn’t use the script twice on your account because it hasn’t yet been customized to detect friends who are already in a group and leave them out during the adding process.

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What if i get Banned?

It’s normal to get banned and very many people face this. Some get locked out of their accounts until they complete the account verification process then they regain back access to their account. If you only get banned from group interactions then you have to visit support center and see how long the ban will last. The first ban usually lasts for about two weeks and the second lasts for 18 – 21 days. When this period elapses, the ban is lifted from your account. If you get locked out of your account then you have to complete the Facebook account verification process and regain access to your account right away.

This tutorial should save you the hustle of adding members to a Facebook group. I have tested it and it works fine. I’ll be glad if it works for you too.