How to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups

You should know how to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups if you are to post in multiple Facebook groups successfully. It’s a common thing to get blocked from posting in Facebook groups especially in scenarios of violations. In this post i will not only show you how to start posting on Facebook groups without being restricted by Facebook but also show you how to post to several groups on Facebook without any ban.

How to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups

The Facebook ban usually takes a minimum of 14 days (Two weeks) for the first restriction then 18 – 21 days for the second restriction. However, the third violation prompts a verification test which is usually failed by people who use pseudo accounts.

Why we get Blocked

Am going to list down some of the scenarios that can cause a violation and show you how you can escape Facebook’s spam detector too. The actions below could get you get banned from posting in groups.

  • Posting banned links
  • Posting at a high pace
  • Sending too many group requests in a day
  • Using scripts to auto add friends to a group
  • Posting restricted content
  • Violating group terms & conditions
  • Using Group Auto-post applications

How to avoid getting blocked

We are trying to learn how to avoid getting blocked from Facebook groups but what you should know is as time goes on it becomes harder to post to very many Facebook groups without being noticed. Facebook’s spam detector is very active and is tuned everyday implicating it’s algorithms are likely to change daily too. So what am i trying to say? you can only reduce the risk and i’ll show you how to reduce the risk to the minimum. Below are some of the measures you can take to reduce your risk of getting blocked on Facebook.

Add reasonable intervals between your posts

Posting at a high pace is one of the alerts for Facebook spam detectors. Make sure you add reasonable time time intervals between your posts. Lets say you are posting 5 posts in 2 seconds, this will automatically alert Facebook spam detectors but if you add at least 10 seconds in between the posts it becomes harder to be identified. If you are posting 30 posts try and keep a 5 seconds interval, 60 posts try and keep a 15 seconds interval, 100 posts try and keep a 50 seconds interval. It’s possible to post to 100 groups in a day if the right intervals are set but still it’s not advisable to post more than 100 times consecutively in groups with one account. You can try posting 50 times then post another 50 after 5 – 7 hours.

Don’t send too many group requests

Many new users usually fall victim of this because they feel they should join over 50 or 100 groups in one day which is not possible like before. Sending too many requests within a short interval usually leads to a ban. Make sure you send a maximum of 30 join requests in 2 days and you keep joining as time goes on but try to add a 5 – 10 seconds interval between the requests.

Don’t post banned links

Links from certain websites are banned from Facebook especially competitor social networks and un-trusted websites. Some of the banned links are, UCOZ, link bucks plus more. These links are banned from Facebook and if posted, you will receive a warning or a security test. It’s advisable to visit Facebook’s support center and check on the kind of links they restrict.

Don’t use Auto-Add scripts

Some scripts will save you the hustle of adding multiple members to a Facebook groups but what you need to know is none of these scripts will add over 800 friends without getting you restricted. If you are trying to add less than 500 members then you might be successful but try and keep a limit.

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Don’t post Restricted Content

Restricted content will not only get you banned from posting in Facebook groups but might also cost you your account. Such content include links from Adult sites, Fraudulent sites. Visit this page to read Facebook’s community standards and know the kind of content they don’t allow on the social network.

Comply with Group Terms and Conditions

Some groups have laid out rules and expect their members to follow them. Try to fall within these rules or else risk your posts getting reported or flagged and later earn you a ban. If a group doesn’t allow posting certain promotional links then try and respect their expectations.

Use Auto Posting applications the right way

These applications do work and will help you post to multiple Facebook groups at once. When i say posting to multiple Facebook groups at once i mean you have to enter the post once and initiate a post even then the same post will be posted to all the groups you choose. If you post to very many groups in a day then you will get blocked from posting on Facebook groups and lose your developer’s account as well. When using any Facebook multiple group poster, try to keep the time interval between the posts to at least 30 seconds and post to less than 30 groups a day. I’ve used such applications before and am writing from my personal experience with them.

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This guide should help you. If followed the right way it will be almost impossible for Facebook to ban you from groups but in case you get banned you can try and check your support center for notification about the length of the ban. Like said earlier, the ban lasts for a minimum of 2 weeks. In case you are doing it for promotional purposes then you may try to open a Facebook group page and try to add members to it and post as much as you can.


  1. How many violations can you get before facebook erases your account? Do they keep a record for a certain time and your violations go back to zero after a certain period of time?

    • Hello Reggie,

      The ban keeps increasing. The first might last for an average of two weeks and the second for 4 weeks and the third is what prompts verification. However, if your account has been verified by phone then you can always unlock it. Facebook is very strict and they keep track of their violations. I recommend posting once to a maximum of 30 groups per day. Are you using a pseudo account or your own account? Please let me know. By the way, i have updated the post and i hope you like it. Regards!

  2. Kolo, thanks for the article, really helpful!!. Do you know if it is possible to increase the amount of daily groups by using different pseudo accounts, you know, 30 posts with account #1, another 30 with #2 and so on, I think FB easily can look at the IP address and discover the trick, but not sure whether they’re doing it or not. I wouldn’t want to use a proxy to change the IP.

    • Hello Ivan, Facebook has become so strict lately especially on pseudo accounts. Post in not more that 20 groups daily then wait for some minutes before you post using another pseudo account as well. After this, you can simply comment on your respective posts to pull them up in groups once in a while.

  3. I have some businesses that I post for! I joined groups that they relate to or allow . I have been sharing for over a month and with no problems, now both of my husband and I got ban from posting to groups! My husbands ban was lifted and I slowly shared to only 3 groups and it was ban him again. I may have on one group by accident shared twice and got reported ! Is there a way to post to groups again without being ban! Should I create a new facebook page to post these business from . We are admins on the pages!Thank You

  4. I was blocked after posting to 20 for sale groups at one time. This is not only a feature that Facebook allows, but promotes. They say something like “to sell your item faster, sell to more places.” Why do they offer this feature if they perceive it as spam? This is absurd.

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