Want to earn earn over $40 a click from Google Adsense? It’s every blogger’s dream to earn the maximum from clicks on Adsense advertisements from their blog. Imagine you are earning over $30 per click, meaning if you get 100 clicks per day you have $3000 ($30 x 100) in your account.

How to earn over  a click from Google Adsense

At this point you must be thinking this is a dream you can never achieve but fact is there tens of sites out there earning such money for just a single click on their websites. I have said tens because it’s very rare to find sites that earn that much per click. In this tutorial i am going to show exactly how to make money from Adsense through getting high returns on your advertisement clicks.

This is not going to come so easy like you think and will take some good time. It might take you a couple of months or even years before you start getting such clicks. Some of the factors that raise your odds of getting over $40 a click include:

  1. Content
  2. Website Quality
  3. Traffic Quality
  4. Conversion Rate

1 – Write Quality Content

As said always, content is king. The content you write determines the quality and success of your blog. Copied content will hardly earn you even 50 cents a click and will hardly rank well in search engine. It’s always recommended to write original content and i suggest you keep the length of an article to a minimum of 3000 words if you are to expect the best from it. If you write quality content, the clicks from your post will often lead to a sale for the advertiser which is exactly what we want here. I explained this more on the last point (conversion rate).

Besides writing quality content, we also have to include some high paying keywords in our articles. make sure you keep it to a minimum of 3 keywords per article or else your post won’t rank well in search engine. This is because Google has realized people are resorting to only writing about high paying keywords and starting up Niche-Websites centered around high paying keywords with intentions of making money from Adsense.

Now before we go deep into details of keywords, remember those keywords come from topics implicating some topics pay less while others pay more. Our main focus here is choosing the topics that pay more and which topics are those? Since our main goal is getting over $40 a click then we have to choose extremely high paying topics. Below i list down some of the four topics you can consider:

  1. Loans
  2. Insurance
  3. Mesothelioma
  4. Domains

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The topics listed above are extremely high-paying and most advertisers bid more than $50 per click. Some bids go as high as $100 a click which is our main focus here. Now all you have to do is use a keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner to extract keywords from those topics. Since our main goal is to earn from Adsense then i suggest we use Google Keyword Planner.

Open Google Keyword planner and key in any of the 4 topics above then click on every search result to see exactly what keywords you should include in your articles. Just like i said above, make sure you don’t include more than 3 keywords in an article.

The most common mistakes people make is thinking the more keywords you add to an article, the more money you earn and the moment you add high-paying keywords on your blog post you will earn close to the bid shown in Google Keyword planner which is absolutely false. Google considers so many things before qualifying you for such clicks. All the considerations are talked about below.

2 – Improve Website Quality

This is a very strong point to emphasize if your are aiming at making the most out of your clicks. The reason why a website will earn more than another from the same keywords in the quality of their websites. So what improves a website’s quality? some of the factors that improve a website’s quality are: Google Page Rank, Domain Authority, Backlinks and the amount of organic traffic a website receives. A website with a 8/10 Google Page Rank score, thousands of Backlinks from high quality websites, millions of traffic and over 80% score of domain authority stands a very high chance of getting such clicks but question is; How are you going to get your website to such a level? Well the answer is quite simple just write quality content, get quality backlinks, maintain high traffic then you will be steps closer to it.

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3 – Get Quality Traffic

Traffic coming from search engines are likely to earn you good money from clicks as compared to traffic from social media. This means all your posts should be best optimized for search engine and should rank well. Posts that rank well on search engines will not only bring you quality traffic but will also bring you lots of traffic as well.

Avoid spamming social networks with links in a bid to get traffic to your website. Focus more on getting organic traffic.

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4 – Conversion Rate

This greatly influences how much you will receive per click. Truth is every advertiser wants to get conversions from their advertisements. It could be a sale or subscription implicating if most of the clicks coming from your website result into sales and subscriptions then you are most likely to get over $40 a click from Adsense. An insurance company won’t mind paying $50 for a $8000 or $20,000 insurance sale. If the advertisements on your blog don’t often lead to a sale then it can risk getting your Adsense account smart-priced.

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What should be running through your mind right now is how you can improve advertisement conversion rates on your website. Well the answer is quite easy, just get the trust of your followers and readers. If they trust you, they will trust whatever you recommend. Trust also begins with writing quality content as no one is going to follow someone who writes false articles. If you are to write about any of the four topics above, make sure you carry out enough research and you are sure about what you are writing.

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Those are the only four factors you need if you are to get that much for a click but it’s quite a lot of work to get everything in place accordingly. Just write quality content out of high-paying keywords, improve the quality of your website, get quality traffic and work on improving the conversion rate of your website.

Sometimes it can take you a few years before you can get that much for a click but in the end it’s worth the wait. If you build a quality blog, you can’t fail to sell anything on it or earn extremely big from it.