It’s good to Increase Google Adsense click conversion rate. Imagine most of the Adsense clicks that come from your blog converts into sales for the advertiser, wouldn’t that be nice?

How to Increase Google Adsense click conversion rate

These are one of the lesser known factors that influence the CPC (Cost Per Click) you get from Adsense ads. Truth is the costs per clicks are usually high on websites that have high conversion rates.

A few years ago, i used to get high CPCs then all of a sudden it dropped which made it hard for me to make good money from Adsense. I tried searching all almost forums and blogs for a solution but most of them talked about smart pricing which seemed to make some bit of sense at the moment.

How do we Increase Google Adsense click conversion rate?

There are a number of ways you can increase your ad click conversion rate. It mainly stretches from the type of content you write and how you write them.

If you have used the Google Adwords Keyplanner tool and searched for high paying keywords, you realize there are certain keywords like ‘Mesothelioma Law Suit’ that are bidden for over $100 per click and fact is you can earn close to that if at all you are writing about the same topic and most of the clicks that come from your website lead into a law suit. Another great example is insurance, an insurer wont mind paying over $50 per click knowing he is likely to get a $10,000 sale out of it.

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So from now on you should not only focus on earning money from Adsense but also making sure most of the clicks that come from your website convert into sales. I know it’s hard for you to tell or track your conversions but i believe a few things can increase your odds of conversion.

1 – Write Quality Content

The content you write is key in increasing click conversion rates. A potion of bloggers write catchy content to drive traffic to their blogs which is a good idea but what’s the point in writing bad content just for the sake of driving traffic? High traffic means good money but at least not at the expense of your readers.

One of your goals as a blogger should be writing the best content for your blog. Readers will hardly return to websites that write low quality or duplicated content and remember content is what differentiates a blog from others, reason why some blogs are trusted more.

2 – Get the right traffic

Don’t buy traffic or spam social networks with links to drive traffic to your blog. This will not work because the traffic you will get is not targeted. Traffic that comes from search engines is more likely to convert a click into a sale, reason being a reader searches for a certain topic perhaps a topic their interested in and visits your website through it. In such cases if an advert related to the topic is shown, there is a very high chance of getting a click for the AD and getting a conversion for it too.

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3 – Enable Interest Based Ads

When interest Ads are enabled, the Ads shown on your blog will be directed from the cookies on your browser meaning if you browsed a certain topic before visiting a website interest-based Adsense ads then an advert related to that topic is likely to show up if at all a campaign is being run for it.

So why am i saying interest-based ads can increase your click conversion rates? Fact is if someone is interested into a certain topic, they will always visit it almost everyday. A good example is a person searching the internet for insurance options then lands on a website with interest-based ads enabled, an insurance advert is likely to show up and he is likely to click on the advert or even buy a package. Interest ads have been proven to work just that all your adverts will be shown basing o the cookies on your browser limiting you from high-paying adverts that would have been shown from your keywords.

4 – Follow the Adsense Heatmap

You should follow the Adsense heatmap and maintain the allowed 3 number of Ad blocks per page. Some website’s show more than 3 Ads per page which not only puts their Adsense accounts in danger but also makes room for low paying ads to be shown on their blogs. The Adsense Heatmap recommends an advert to be placed on the header, one on the right sidebar and another on the left side of a page but slightly below the right advert.

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Fact is if your page has so many Ad blocks then a user might click with less intentions of buying a product from the advertisers website unlike when Ads are few.