Large Facebook groups can be hard to find but also easy to find at times. For new users, very few groups will be filtered for you simply because you haven’t made any friend connections or Facebook hasn’t yet determined the best groups to filter for you. Even for mature Facebook accounts, when you make a group search, the only groups that are likely to be returned in the filter are the groups within your locality and connections.

large Facebook groups

We can still find large Facebook groups even outside our locality and i will show you the exact procedures to achieve it. Much as this trick works, it will not find you the largest Facebook group but will find you a couple of big Facebook groups or call it large Facebook groups.

How do we find large Facebook groups?

Am going to share two tricks that i believe can help you find large Facebook groups. I have used both of them before and all i can say is i got the exact results i wanted which i believe you will too by the end of this tutorial.

Trick 1

This trick is more like straight forward but you need a good number of friends for it to work effectively. All you have to do is first browse all your groups (Open Groups) and you should see some tabs on top. Click on the ‘Friends’ groups’ tab and start scrolling down while joining large groups. If you can’t see any more large groups on the filter then try adding more friends.

large Facebook groups

I emphasize on Friends’ groups because very few large groups are suggested for you though the Suggested Groups tab can also filter large groups sometimes. Suggested groups are usually the most popular Facebook groups within your locale.

Trick 2

For our second trick we shall filter groups that group admins belong to. What i have discovered is most of these Facebook group admins belong to several groups with large members. All we have to do is point them out and filter the groups they belong to as explained in the steps below.

Step 1 – Locate group admins and view their profiles

You have to find an active group with a good number of members and locate the person who pinned a post in it. If the group has no pinned post then try looking for another until you find one. Users who pin posts are usually group admins, our main point of emphasis here. In the screenshot below we managed to cite out a Facebook admin of a group that has over 75,000 members and clicked on his profile.

large Facebook groups

Step 2 – View groups the admin belongs to

After opening the profile of the group admin, simply hover on the ‘More’ tab on the menu below the Add Friend button then click on ‘Groups’.

large Facebook groups

Step 3 – Start joining groups

After clicking on groups you should be able to see a number of groups on the screen that loads. Simply cite out the big groups and join them but try to limit your join requests to 20 or else you will get blocked from group interactions.

large Facebook groups

In the screenshot above i managed to get a couple of large Facebook groups. Just keep doing the same procedure over and over again and you should be able to find very large Facebook groups.

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Besides finding large Facebook groups, what you should know is it’s become very hard to maintain a Facebook group implicating the largest Facebook group talk is just a mystery. I won’t deny that there are very many large Facebook groups out there but most of them are secret and besides, such groups are usually terminated when they clock 1 Million members. You can only find large Facebook groups but no one except Facebook knows the largest group on the social media. Using the trick above, you will find very large Facebook groups.