How to start a blog (Beginners)

If you are willing to start a blog then i assume you already know what a blog is and to some extent, you already know your expectations. Okay, let me assume you don’t know what a blog is: a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

start a blog

A Blog can be of any topic and can fall in any niche depending on your preference. Now like i said above, by the time you wish to start a blog you should at-least to some extent know what you expect of it or what you want to achieve through it but it’s not a problem if you don’t know your expectations. In fact, i would prefer someone who is totally white about it because trust me, the first years you will spend blogging will teach you a lot and will deepen your whole thinking about blogging.

Previously, i used to read several income reports of respective bloggers on the internet and i would wonder how one manages to make over $100,000 monthly. It looked like something impossible to achieve but believe me, the more years i spent blogging, i realized it’s way possible to make such huge sums of money or even more simply because i have explored so many monetization schemes and i know the one’s that bag you the most amount of sums.

About the lengthy introduction, i was just trying to give you a picture of what a blog is like and what you can get out of it if everything is done accordingly. I myself went through a lot and i don’t want you to go through the same. Here at Tutorial FAQ i will be sharing various tricks and tips that can make you an outstanding blogger but before we through all that you have to first know how to start a blog, the main headline of this post.

Now, since you already know a blog is a regularly updated website or web page typically one run by an individual or small group that is written in a informal or conversational style, by now you should be knowing you need basically 3 things to get your blog running;

Requirements to Start a Blog

Domain name

A domain name is simply the address to your blog. You have chosen what you are going to write about, you know your niche, so what address are people going to use to reach your blog? a domain name is in the format of or or perhaps depending on the TLD (Top Level Domain) you choose. Domains cost from as low as 0.99$ depending on your registrar though the average price usually starts from 7$ – 13$. Brainstorm a perfect domain name for your blog, check for it’s availability using an online domain checker tool and purchase it if available. Keep trying until you find an available domain name. Or alternatively, you can just sign up for a hosting package and get a free lifetime domain. This is actually the easiest and cost friendly too.

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Tip: Make sure you keep the domain name short and a bit catchy for example if you are writing about health, make sure the domain name has a phrase in it that relates to health. The phrase is not really so relevant but to some extent it helps when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

Web Hosting Account

If you are to start a blog then your blog has to be hosted on a server, hence, you have to sign up for a hosting package. I recommend you sign up with Bluehost because their package comes with a lot of outstanding features. Good thing about bluehost is if you are signing up for 3 years they will charge you approximately 3.5$ a month. A 1 year subscription is however totaled from approximately 4.5$ monthly charges implicating a 3 year subscription can save you 1$ monthly.

Click Here to sign up with Bluehost

Tip: Make sure you sign up with a big and reputable company. Never trust local re-sellers because not all of them will ensure safety of you’re work or keep them safe. One advantage of big hosting companies is you are guaranteed of a 24/7 up time and safety of you’re work. In scenarios of server complications, the have vast experience to have you’re query solved in the quickest time possible.

Website Theme / Template

You need a template that is going to be displaying your articles to viewers. In case you are using WordPress CMS for your website then you can visit for free themes or alternatively buy themes online. If you prefer PHP scripts or static HTML templates you can either get a developer to develop for you one or you buy them online though i strongly encourage you to use a CMS (Content Management System). You can choose between WordPress and Joomla but i prefer you use WordPress because of it’s regular updates, user friendly interface and wide array of themes and plugins.

Tip: Make sure you’re WordPress theme is responsive and user friendly. A responsive theme automatically re-sizes on mobile hence, giving your mobile readers a better interface to read your articles.

How do we Start a Blog

Now we know what we need to start a blog right? of course we do. Now am going to show you the exact steps required when starting up a blog.

Step 1 – Sign Up with BlueHost

Visit the website of the hosting provider you want to sign up with. To sign up with Bluehost click here. Simply follow the purchase steps and you will have you’re account ready just minutes after confirming the transaction.

Step 2 – Upload files on Server

The second step involved uploading your files uploading your website core files on the server. Under your hosting admin panel you can use Softaculous Applications installer to install a wide range of applications you want to use for example WordPress, Joomla, Drupla, Magento and so many more.

However, Since i assume you are using WordPress for your blog then make sure you click on the WordPress icon on the Softaculous apps installer menu and follow the procedures involved until WordPress is installed on your server.

Step 3 – Visit your Blog

You can now visit your websites’ URL (The name of the domain name you just bought) and your blog should be online now. Simply visit the blog’s CMS backend ( ‘’ for WordPress and ‘’ for Joomla ) and start publishing articles.


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