Looking for how to withdraw Paypal funds from Paypal unsupported countries? am going to show you how to withdraw Paypal money from such countries but before we even think of that, your Paypal account should be able to receive funds since most Paypal accounts that are verified to unsupported countries are limited to only making purchases and payments online but don’t receive funds.

Before you try to withdraw money from Paypal, your Paypal account should be able to receive funds. If your Paypal account doesn’t receive funds then i suggest you open up a Paypal account with a country address that is supported. If you have any friends or relatives in that country then you can as well move ahead to verify your account with their help. If you don’t verify your account, you will be limited to withdrawing less than $1000 a month and besides you are not safe because anytime Paypal can put a hold on your account and ask for your verification details which might in turn cost you your account with all the funds.

How do we withdraw Paypal funds

Am going to share with you the two easiest ways to withdraw Paypal money from unsupported countries. The first is the simplest way to withdraw Paypal funds but might not work for you where as the second is a bit complicated but can help you withdraw Paypal funds irrespective of where you live if you play it all right.

Method 1 – Withdraw Paypal funds through a relative or friend

The simplest way of withdrawing Paypal funds from an unsupported country is by doing so through a friend or relative who resides in a supported country. You can send them the Paypal funds and ask them to withdraw it and send it to your through means available in your country. it could be Moneygram, could be Western Union, could be a direct wire transfer or any other means accessible to you. However, Before you opt for this you must be sure that the person is going to send the money to you or else you might end up losing your Paypal funds in the process.

Method 2 – Withdraw Paypal funds through Payoneer

I assume you know what Payoneer is. If you don’t know please refer to this guide for details. Paypal to Payoneer withdrawals saved scores of people when it came to withdrawing Paypal funds years ago but because for some reasons the service was ruled out. Very many had a chance to transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer i just a few working days. This later led to the rise of fake Paypal accounts created with sole intentions of making Paypal to Payoneer transfer of funds which prompted Paypal to rule out ACH transfers to US virtual bank accounts. What i can say is this service is still available but extremely hard to get right. You can still withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer but you need a US Verified Paypal account if you are to stand any chance of acceptance. To open up a US Paypal account click here but note that you will need a real address of a US resident while registering for the account. Once the account is open and active you can use Payoneer to verify it. The process should be successful but in case the first attempt gets stalled, you have to call Paypal customer care using a US telephone number and tell them you are failing to link a debit card or bank account to your Paypal account. You don’t have to mention Payoneer anywhere in the process or else your chances are gone for good. When Paypal asks you to link again you can try linking again and this time you should be accepted. A few people are still withdrawing Paypal funds using Payoneer up to now.

For complete guide read: How to Withdraw money from Paypal to Payoneer

What you should know is so many websites out there provide services of Paypal withdrawals but very few are legitimate. They usually charge a small fee that can go up to 15% for their service. Most will ask you to send Paypal funds to their Paypal accounts so that they send it back to you through means your country can access but fail to meet their promise. Some are legitimate and will deliver their promise but i strongly discourage you from using such people since it’s very hard to cite out the ones you can trust. Only deal with them if you are sure they will send you money irrespective of the country you live in. If you are searching for how to withdraw money from Paypal from unsupported countries then this article should hep you.