How to Withdraw Paypal money in Uganda

It’s almost impossible to withdraw Paypal money in Uganda but like i said, ‘almost impossible’, it is not completely impossible because we can still withdraw Paypal money in Uganda using a few tweaks and complex procedures. I can help you withdraw Paypal money direct to your mobile money account or bank account at a very good rate. Hit me up me on: +256773725175

Withdraw Paypal money in Uganda

Besides withdrawals, Ugandan Paypal accounts can’t receive Paypal money meaning if you are thinking of receiving Paypal cash in Uganda you must own an account that receives money and the only way we can own one is by using a different country (Probably Kenya) when registering for a Paypal account. If your Paypal account is Ugandan verified i suggest you try opening up a new account and use a different country address else you won’t receive or withdraw Paypal money in Uganda.

According to Paypal Ugandan accounts can’t receive or withdraw money because of fraud. This service was available to Uganda before but it got ruled out after. Ugandan accounts are restricted to only send money and make online transactions entitling us to very limited services of Paypal in Uganda.

This tutorial isn’t limited to only Paypal Uganda users but also Paypal Kenya users and Paypal Rwanda users. If you live in an unsupported country i have a separate tutorial for you that i intend to publish soon otherwise, by the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • Withdraw money from Paypal in Uganda
  • Withdraw money from Paypal in Kenya
  • Withdraw money from Paypal in Rwanda

Paypal Kenya users are so lucky that their country is supported by Paypal making them able to receive and withdraw money directly to their Equity Bank accounts. My Paypal account is Kenyan verified and am able to receive funds through it though i use other means for withdrawing money because i live in Uganda.

How do i withdraw Paypal money in Uganda

Am going to show you three ways you can withdraw Paypal money in Uganda. I prefer you either use method 1 or 2 and only use the third as the last resort because it’s quite complicated but can save you a lot too if you get it working right.

Method 1 – Withdraw through a friend

The simplest way to withdraw Paypal money in Uganda is by sending the money to any friend who is verified and ask them to withdraw the money and send to you either through western union or any payment method that your country supports. Since Kenyan Paypal users are allowed to receive and withdraw money, i suggest you try contacting any Kenyan friend in case you have any. A few Ugandan individuals are currently offering Paypal withdraw services and they pay you in cash upon transferring the money to them. The only problem is they will charge you approximately a 10% percentage on the amount you want to withdraw which is quite much.

Method 2 – Withdraw from Equity Bank Kenya

If you own a Kenyan Paypal account then you can withdraw your money through Equity Bank Kenya. Equity Bank Kenya a few years ago partnered with Paypal in an agreement that allows them to extend Paypal services in Kenya. You don’t have to be Kenyan to own a Kenyan Paypal account, just make sure you choose Kenya as your country while registering for a Paypal account. You can alternatively check the official page here.

In case you already have one then navigate to transfer funds and you should see Equity Bank as one of the options for withdrawals. Fill in the correct bank details, initiate the withdrawal and you should be able to receive your funds in your Kenya Equity bank account in 2 – 3 days.

Method 3 – Withdraw using Payoneer Card

This method is said to have been ruled out but it still works only that it takes a lot to get it in place. “>Payoneer is a New York based financial company that provides services of transferring money online and e-commerce payment solutions. Its one of the registered member service worldwide providers of MasterCard and supports over 200 countries worldwide. Using Payoneer you can own a free prepaid debit MasterCard and a virtual US bank account in Bank of America that you can use to withdraw Paypal money. In 2015 Paypal stopped ACH transfers to US Bank account linked to Payoneer due to increase in the number of fake Paypal accounts being opened. It has also become so hard to link your virtual bank account to Paypal without being rejected. The ones that link successfully are automatically removed after a period of time.

So how do we withdraw our Paypal money using Payoneer? simple! Just make sure you sign up for a US Paypal account and provide a real address of any of it’s citizens. If you sign up from another locale then your Payoneer account might never get linked to your Paypal account, one of the reasons multiple people are failing to link their Payoneer accounts to Paypal. that’s why i recommend you signing up for a US Paypal account. Sign up here for a free US Paypal account. After opening a US Paypal account you have to open up a Payoneer account as well except that you have to use your exact details while registering for a new Payoneer account. Read this article to learn how to open up a free Payoneer account then try to add some funds to it after. I listed down some of the simplest ways to add funds to Payoneer card. Your Payoneer account also has to have some little money (at least $3) that Paypal will use to verify your account meaning you need to add funds to your Payoneer account by all means. Unfortunately, i am not going to share the exact procedures for withdrawing Paypal funds to Payoneer on this article to prevent it from being too lengthy but you can refer to the article below for the complete tutorial.

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In case your Payoneer account successfully links to your Paypal account then all you have to do is initiate withdraws from your Paypal account and you should be able to receive the money on your Payoneer account in 2 – 3 days. You can then withdraw the funds from your Payoneer account directly to your local bank account in just a few days. You must also learn how to withdraw money from Payoneer. Sign up for a Free Payoneer account here and earn a free $25 bonus on your account when you deposit a minimum of $100 on your account.

For the tricks above to work best you have to own a verified Paypal account. Paypal restricts the amount of transaction to a maximum of $999 for unverified accounts meaning if you are transferring funds less than $1000 you can hold on to your unverified account until you need to forcefully verify it. I suggest you verify your account if you can and the only way you can verify it is by linking a bank account from a supported country to your Paypal account.


Since the introduction of National IDs, Paypal might reconsider Uganda again. The main reason as to why Paypal withdrew it’s support for Uganda was because of the fake accounts created to make transactions. With a national ID, you can verify your identity and won’t create a fake account easily. We don’t know exactly when the ban will be lifted, but at least we are hopeful because we know anytime we shall be reconsidered.

If you are Ugandan and you own a Kenyan Paypal account you might have to find means of opening a Kenyan Equity Bank account under the same name you used for registration on Paypal to verify your Paypal account. Don’t make a mistake of linking a Ugandan UBA debit card to your Kenyan account or you might risk losing your account if you get noticed. Paypal is very strict but if you are sharp you can play around and never get caught. I can help you withdraw Paypal money in Uganda in just minutes. Please call me on: +256773725175 for more information.


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  2. Thank you for helping me learn more about pay pal withdraws in Uganda.
    since now Ugandans have national IDs , I REQUEST THAT Pay pal should lift the withdraw burn.
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    • Hello Kiima! True and i know it won’t be long before the ban is lifted. I personally is trying to contact Paypal customer care and see a way forward to this.

  3. Has anyone used Auction Essistance for withdraw services?

    • Hello Nuzzi! I personally haven’t tried it yet. I will first use it and confirm how genuine it is before i recommend it to my readers. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. I have used both methods to withdraw money. I once had a USA based PayPal account with a Payoneer Master Card that I used to withdraw money locally. The PayPal account was blocked & I never bothered to renew. I also started to recieve through a partner in Romania. I am considering running a n online based service and need a business PayPal account.

  5. Hello Kolo!
    Thank you for the wonderful article on paypal withdraws.
    Am a ugandan. My question is how can i withdraw paypal money directly to my mtn mobile money account?

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