Ever been through the hustle of inviting friends one by one to like your Facebook page? Hectic is all i can say to describe it. A number of people often look for how to invite all friends to like page on Facebook but no clear answer is always available except for a few blogs that keep updating their articles. Facebook keeps updating their algo every now and then or perhaps, their bots are way smarter than they were two or three or so years ago and will keep getting smarter as algorithms are updated. If you have tried to grow your page before and you are still trying till now then you should then you should know how hard it is especially using the old way of creating non-genuine accounts.

like a facebook fanpage

Gone are the days when you would invite 5000 friends from various pseudo accounts to like a Facebook business page with just a single click and would actually manage to send all the invites successfully without any ban or restriction. Well, things have become different and a whole lot more complicated as per now. Since 2016 and now 2017, inviting more than 200 friends has been hard because Facebook added a restriction that lets each profile invite not more than 100 friends a day and fail to send out invites to the rest of the members though you might not see it. More worse, even the few members that like your page might have their likes reverted when bots suspect the likes were fake. If you want to prove this, send out the 5000 invites using a script and count how many conversions you get! Probably far less than what you expect. Less than 200 likes i should say compared to the 1000 plus of the previous good years.

But why does Facebook come up with all these restrictions? Okay lets say their main intention is to make people sponsor their pages for likes or rather cub down pseudo users and maintain only genuine accounts, have you tried thinking of how much load Facebook servers encounter each day? These scripts might use less memory but when multiple users inject them at the same time, the load is quite much. I predict Facebook isn’t using any much resources like before because of their continued updates in their algo. In this article am going to show you the exact trick you can use to invite all friends to like a page on Facebook but what you should know is, crossing the 100 line will always be luck for you or rather maybe if they have suddenly lifted the restriction. I just tried out this code not long ago and the conversion rates are so poor that 3000 invites got me less than 70 conversions.

So how do i invite friends to like my Facebook page? Apparently i am sharing with you 2 ways you can accomplish this; The first is use of a script and the second is installing a chrome extension that does something similar but rather simplifies everything. Before thinking of even copying this script, ensure that you have Admin privileges on the page or else this tutorial will not work for you. If you have Admin roles then you can go ahead and follow whatever steps i mention in this article.

Invite friends using a script

Briefly, this script is very safe and i haven’t heard of any claims of problems arising through using it. I personally have tested it and it works just fine.

Step 1 – Open your Facebook Page

The first step involves opening your Facebook page. In this tutorial we used our official Facebook page for TutorialFaq.

like a Facebook page

Step 2 – Click on Invite Friends

After opening your Facebook page, click on the tab with three dots that is right next to the message tab. If you click on it you will see a drop down with the invite friends tab. Click on ‘Invite Friends’ and you should be able to see a pop-up div.

like a Facebook page

Step 3 – Load all friends

When you click on ‘Invite Friends’, a pop up should appear. Make sure you keep scrolling until all the friends on your list are loaded.

like a Facebook page

Step 4 – Paste invite code in the Console

After all friends are loaded, all you have to do is open the browser’s console and paste the invite code in it (copy code from code snippet below). You have to make sure you open the console when the pop-up window we opened in step 3 is still open or else the code won’t work. Press Ctrl + Shift + J to open your browser’s console (Mozilla and Chrome). If you see any Facebook warning discouraging you from pasting any codes in your browser’s console just don’t mind it because this code will not steal any of your information or hack your account. Like said previously, it is 100% secure and safe! Paste this code (press Ctrl + V) in your console and press enter to execute.

f = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm') ; for(var i =0; i<f.length;i++){ g =f[i];g.click();console.log('clicked'); }

The console should show you the number of Friends who have been invited to like your Facebook fan page and upon sending out all the invites, friends will start liking your page right away. If your page becomes static, wait until it becomes active again. Don’t make a mistake of refreshing it else you might cancel some of your invites.

Invite friends using a Chrome Extension

Using a chrome extension isn’t so variant from the first method of using a script. This extension will only save you from pasting the invite code in your console because it already has it. All you have to do is download the extension, activate it and you should see a new icon up top of your browser. From here just follow the exact steps above till when it reaches the point of running the script then you click on the new icon of the Facebook Invite All chrome extension.

Get extension here

One thing i like about this extension is it’s execution speed. The script is some how variant and more customized i should say, but still works just so fine.

Like said earlier on, the script above alternates depending on the browser you are using, for instance Mozilla, Safari or Opera would require different codes. The script above has been tested by me in Google Chrome plus some versions of Mozilla Firefox and it works well. In case the code doesn’t work for you in Firefox or Chrome then feel free to drop us a comment below otherwise, sharing is sexy!