Companies that provide cheap web domains

Companies that provide cheap web domains

Why pay much for a domain yet you can get it for less? sounds awesome right? The internet is filled with hundreds of domain providers, registrars and resellers and their prices alternate. Though it’s every one’s wish to buy cheap web domains, not all companies provide them for less. However, Some companies provide domains for less in the first year of registration with hopes of maintaining a long-term relationship with […]

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Where to buy a domain name (Beginners)

How to buy a domain name

One common question asked by newbies is: how do i buy a domain name, where to buy domain names or where can i buy a domain name? I asked myself the same questions when i was new to domains but the more i got there, the more interesting everything became. I learnt about the cheapest registrars, free coupons and how to buy already registered domains from third party markets. When […]

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How to display related posts in WordPress

How to display related posts in Wordpress

When it comes to WordPress, i have always discouraged people from using plugins unless they have no option. A good plugin can be hard to find as most plugins have really limited features for free plans but rather provide good features for paid plans which might not sound right to you. Poorly coded plugins can consume a lot of server resources as well and make you prone to phama-harks. Some […]

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How to insert Advertisements in WordPress post content

How to post Advertisements in Wordpress post content

It’s a good practice to insert advertisements in WordPress post content. Posting advertisements in WordPress content can be a great way of generating revenue for your website because such ads usually receive high-click through rates. It always recommended to place Google Adsense codes in post content in-case you use the monetization scheme on your blog or rather place affiliate links and banners. Now before we get started, we shall need […]

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How to get related custom posts by custom taxonomy in WordPress

How to get related custom posts by custom taxonomy in Wordpress

In case you want to get custom posts by custom taxonomy in WordPress, it isn’t so hard like you think. But before we proceed, we need to have registered a custom post and a custom taxonomy. If those two are not registered then this is not the right post for you. The code below will get related custom posts from custom taxonomy in WordPress but won’t get related posts from […]

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7 best alternatives for Google Adsense

alternatives for Google adsense

You have been banned from Google Adsense or perhaps you feel it’s not living up to your expectations so what next?. Usually new bloggers opt for Google Adsense as a primary source of income which i did too. A few years ago when i started my blogging career i didn’t know so much about monetization schemes but at-least i knew Google Adsense and the benefits it would bring basing on […]

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How to Install WordPress on a server (Step by Step Guide)

How to Install Wordpress on a server

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Many Websites, especially blogs have resorted to using WordPress because of it’s simplicity and so many great features it comes with. Good thing is the CMS receives regular updates and it’s easy to migrate your website […]

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How to Create a Custom WordPress template for Custom post type

How to Create a Custom Wordpress template for Custom post type

You might get caught up in a situation where you want the default Single.php file to return a different layout and also want a separate whole new layout for your Custom Post. I was caught up there sometime back not knowing the answer is quite simpler than i thought. I tried creating two separate templates and added a conditional statement in the main Single.php file to load a template basing […]

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How to register custom taxonomy in WordPress

How to register a custom taxonomy in Wordpress

Taxonomies are used for categorizing posts in WordPress. Each WordPress installation comes with a default taxonomy commonly known as Category but how about you want to create your own category and give it your own name? Truth is registering Taxonomies is something you can’t run away from considering you are deep into WordPress development. The code below explains how to register a simple Taxonomy in WordPress. Simply paste it in […]

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