Why are Outbound links good for SEO

Outbound links

What are outbound links? These are links on your website that point to external domains but question is, are outbound links good for SEO? This a very common question and am going to answer it in various perspectives. My answer to this is a YES, outbound links are very good for SEO and to some extent will impact positively on your blog’s authority and raking. Adding a no follow attribute […]

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Best ways to download YouTube videos

download YouTube videos

Want to download YouTube videos direct to your PC or phone? it’s very possible but is it legal to download videos from YouTube? My answer to this is a YES / NO. Unless you are downloading your own videos, it is not legal to download YouTube videos. What you should know is this is totally against YouTube terms of service. YouTube simply doesn’t allow any unauthorized downloads of videos from […]

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What you should know about WordPress hosting

Wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting can be categorized into multiple segments like; Shared WordPress Hosting, Dedicated WordPress Hosting, VPS WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. These types are variant especially in terms of resource allocation, price and performance. I am going to explain more about the two most important segments (Shared WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting) and cite out their pros and cons later in the post. What you should know is […]

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Want the Best Web Hosting for WordPress? Try these hosts

Web Hosting for Wordpress

What is the best web hosting for WordPress? this is a very common question especially among people who intend to start up a WordPress blog. What you should know is WordPress requires a certain amount of resources to run effectively. The themes and plugins you install will use a certain amount of resources on your server which could keep increasing as your visitors increase. So before you jump into starting […]

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