How to grow blog traffic using SumoMe


is a collection of free tools that can be of great use when it comes to growing traffic on your blog. These tools have both free and paid plans and as always, the paid plans usually have more functionalities than the free plan. SumoMe in a product of a company known as AppSumo. The tools on SumoMe are grouped into six categories: Email (List Builder, Scroll Box, Smart Bar and […]

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Worst SEO Mistakes you should never make on your Blog

SEO Mistakes

Making SEO Mistakes is one of the worst things you can do to your blog. This shouldn’t worry you because most of us make them unknowingly due to insufficient SEO knowledge but we learn what to do after a certain period of time. Talking from my personal experience, it took me nearly three years to get a deep understanding of SEO but am currently cheering to it. Who wouldn’t feel […]

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How to appeal and get disabled Adsense account back

disabled Adsense account

My Adsense account is disabled, can i recover it? This is a very common question among publishers who get banned from Adsense. The answer to that question is a YES. You can send an appeal and recover a disabled Adsense account but it all depends on the circumstances on which your account was disabled. If your Adsense account was disabled for invalid click activity then that might as well be […]

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Can two posts Share Same Keyword?

same keyword

Can two or more posts share the same keyword? This question doesn’t have a clear answer up to now because Google itself hasn’t come out to clarify the truth. Some search engine optimization experts have come to explain the point of posts sharing the same focus keyword and from what i have seen most of them discourage using the same keyword on two or more posts. Am going to lay […]

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How to withdraw Paypal funds from unsupported countries

Paypal funds

Looking for how to withdraw Paypal funds from Paypal unsupported countries? am going to show you how to withdraw Paypal money from such countries but before we even think of that, your Paypal account should be able to receive funds since most Paypal accounts that are verified to unsupported countries are limited to only making purchases and payments online but don’t receive funds. Before you try to withdraw money from […]

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