Best Web Hosting providers for Addon Domains

Addon Domains

Can i host multiple domains on a single hosting account? hosting multiple websites on your hosting account is possible but the web hosting provider you choose is very vital. You have to look for a web hosting provider that will provide you enough server resources (CPU and memory allotments, Bandwidth, Disk Space and more) to run your website or else your endeavors might just turn into a nightmare. All you […]

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What is an Addon Domain? All you need to know

Addon Domain

What are Addon domains? An Addon Domain is a fully functional domain that can be created from your web hosting control panel. The domain points to it’s own directory and acts like a website of it’s own. When you add an Addon domain, you can also create email accounts, forwarders and so on. This article got almost everything about Addon domains explained. With an Addon Domain you can host two […]

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Factors to consider before you buy a domain name

buy a domain name

Before you buy a domain name, a lot of factors should be considered right from the domain perspective to the acquisition and monetary perspective. When you buy a domain name, you have it’s ownership for the next 12 months implicating it’s very vital to buy a domain name you are contented with and not make errors during it’s purchase. Before buying a website domain name you have to make sure […]

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How to Add a Favicon to WordPress site

Add a Favicon

A favicon is that tiny image browsers display left to a page’s title on a browsers tab. It is used by browsers to visually identify web pages easily implicating it’s very vital to add a favicon to your website for such a benefit. Want to add one today? no worries, this article shows exactly how to add favicon in WordPress but let me first take you back in time. Favicons […]

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How to block WordPress Backend Access

block Wordpress

If you are using WordPress to power your blog then you have to block WordPress back end login page or else you might fall prone to brute force attacks and have your website hacked. This is probably one of the best ways to secure WordPress sites because only white-listed IP addresses can access WordPress admin. One other problem with not blocking access to your blog’s back-end is an increase in […]

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How to Register a Domain Name

Register a Domain

How do i register a domain name? One of the very first steps for businesses to establish online presence on the internet is to register a domain name then after upload a website and configure the domain nameservers to point to the host where the website is hosted. Your visitors will use your domain to find you on the internet implicating it’s a very vital part of online presence especially […]

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How to transfer domain to another host

transfer domain name

Looking for how to transfer domain name ownership to another host? transferring ownership of a domain name to another host can be quite easy if only the right procedures are followed but can be a bit hectic if errors are made during the process. Transferring domain to a new host means transferring domain names to another registrar. Remember you are dealing with two domain registrars here, the one who the […]

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How to Buy Domain from GoDaddy

Buy Domain

When they talk about buying or registering a domain name, one of the companies that is recommended most is GoDaddy. It’s a good feeling to buy domain from one of the world’s leading domain registrar besides the comfort and security you get for knowing you are dealing will an ICANN accredited registrar. If you want to buy domain from another registrar then read this article for a general guide. In […]

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