Simplest ways to Add funds to Payoneer Card

My previous article elaborates How to get a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard and if you followed the guide then you should be having a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard by now. If you landed on this post when you already have one then i suggest you try reading our Payoneer Guide. If you don’t know how to use Payoneer Mastercard then suggest you refer to the same guide for the most common FAQs about Payoneer. So what are the Simplest ways to Add funds to Payoneer Card? Very many don’t know how to load money to Payoneer MasterCard or perhaps how to send money via Payoneer.

Add funds to Payoneer Card

If you already own an account with Payoneer and are trying to credit it then by the end of reading this article you should be having a solution. In this article i talk about some of the simplest ways you can add funds to Payoneer account. Also, you should know that the money usually takes between 3 – 5 days to reflect on to your account.

How do we Add funds to Payoneer Card

Please note that for most of these methods to work, US Payment Service must be active on your Payoneer Account. The only method that doesn’t require the US Payment Service feature is the fourth.

1 – Through Paypal

You can transfer money to Payoneer account through Paypal. If your Payoneer account is already linked with your Paypal account then you shouldn’t have any trouble regarding how to withdraw money from Paypal to your Payoneer account. This way you can add funds to Payoneer Card but it takes 2 – 5 days before the payment can reflect on your account. If your Payoneer account is not yet linked to your Paypal account then you might find trouble linking it because Paypal hardly accepts US Bank Accounts that are linked to Payoneer but using a few tweaks you can still link your Payoneer Account to Paypal.

2 – Direct Wire Transfer

This is one of the lesser known ways to add funds to Payoneer Card but it works and it has worked for the few who have tried it out. It’s one of the easiest ways because all you have to do is get the details of your American bank account, go to your local bank, provide them with the bank details (American bank name, your account number, account type, routing information) and ask them to wire money to the account. The only drawback with this is it usually takes 4 – 10 days for your funds to reflect on your Payoneer account depending on your location.

To get your American Bank details you have to click on My US Payment Service profile under Receive payments tab on the menu. From this page you should be able to see your Bank Name, Routing Information, Account Number and Account Type.

3 – Card to Card Transfer

You can send money to Payoneer Card using another Payoneer Card. It’s easy to send money from Payoneer to Payoneer implicating if you have a friend who has some funds on their Payoneer account then you can ask them to send money to your account. Under send payments tab on the menu, click on send to another card, fill in the correct credentials and confirm the transfer. Once the payment is sent, the receiver should be able to receive money in less than 2 hours. The minimum transfer limit is $20 and the maximum varies depending on your account though most accounts are limited to $1000. Please also know that there are no extra charges incurred if you are to send money from Payoneer to Payoneer.

4 – Refer a Friend Program

You can also add funds to Payoneer card through it’s refer a friend program. All you have to do is share your unique referral link and make sure people sign up through it and credit their accounts with at least $100. If they do that you will receive a $25 referral fee on your account. Imagine you referred 100 people in a month, you would earn $2500 ($25 x 100) which is quite a good amount. This money is automatically added to your Payoneer account. Sign up through this link and earn $25

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5 – Payoneer Loads

Lastly, you can try using the Payoneer Load feature to add funds to Payoneer card. Click on this link to open the page then follow the procedures involved and confirm the transfer. Just like card to card transfers, it takes a maximum of 2 hours for the receiver’s account to reflect the loaded amount. Please note that if it’s someone else trying to add funds to your account then you have to send them that link. In case they see any errors then US Payment Service might be inactive on your Account. If everything is in place then they should be able to send the money with ease.

You can try using any of the 5 ways above to add funds to Payoneer card. Alternatively if you have any other way then consider sharing it with us below.


  1. Please I need help in linking my payoneer card to PayPal because I don’t have funds I payoneer card. Please I’m an online surveyor and I have upto $500 in my PayPal account but there is no way of withdrawing it. Please help me in funding my payoneer card with just $2 and I swear and I promise to pay you back with $5 for your help. Please help me or find a payoneer user that can help me. Please sir. Thank you in advance. My payoneer email is

  2. Hello, am exploring the option of direct wire transfer but from my bank details it is clearly indicated direct wire is not accepted. Am a new user, and could like to try this option. Kindly advice.

    • Hello George! Get your virtual bank details and send me money to it through a bank in your local area. Your account should be credited in a few working days.

      • I’m in the same fix. I guess it’ll be very difficult to load funds since the Direct Wire Transfer is the only option I have. Please help me.

  3. Hi can u help me i receive my payoneer card i activate it no funds on it yet but can u please
    Tell me how to do my US payment service i dont understand it fully, also i read where u said do the paypal in us address and phone number….but my thing is i did already set up my paypal account with caribbean information because my sponser didnt let me know they want us bank account or visa account so what do i do in this situation going forward with my payoneer card?

    • Open up a US Paypal Account and link try linking it to Payoneer. Hard to nail but works after a few tries. You can still send funds from your Caribbean Paypal account to your US account and withdraw it. Let me know what happens, cheers!

      • Hello, i tried to add the payoneer and it added. but after some few days they deleted it.
        So i want to know if paypal still accept payoneer in their system thank you.

        • Call Paypal and tell them you are failing to link your bank account but don’t mention Payoneer anywhere in the conversation. They will tell you to link again and you should get it right this time. Is your Paypal account US?

  4. Hi i leave you two comment dont hear from you yet as i stay in my last comment i havent reach no where with my payoneer account i cannot link funds on it from the caribbean and my family in the US having trouble going in the bank and getting it transfer on the card amd also i know know one with a payoneer account can u advice me otherwise thank you looking foward to hear from you

    • Hello Kay,

      Please go to any bank around your locality and wire money to the exact virtual bank account as on your Payoneer account and the money should be able to reflect within a few days (Max 7 Days). I hope that helps.

  5. Thank you finally i went to my local bank and still cannot get funds on the card because they say its a mastercard and not a debt card i am so fustrated for weeks i am at this i am new to the online world i wish i could get help any other way you know my help kolo thanks

    • Contact Payoneer customer care so that they activate your US virtual bank account then present those details to your local bank, not the card. Send the money to that exact number and it should reflect. Otherwise, you let me know what happens. Cheers!

  6. Thank you kolo trust me i love hearing from you sorry for the fustration info trust me payoneer doesnt answer phone mattee of fact you cannot get no infornmation i contact them threw fb msg they answer us like two three weeks they also tell me i cannot go in my bank in trinidad and get funds on the card i have 20us in my hand since three weeks now and cannot get it on the card my family in the Us everywhere they go they cannot get money on the card i am so fustrated payoneer is difficult with helping me they send me some affliated way to do money i dont understand it i am new to the online work so please can u help me again thank you

  7. Hello all,

    Please help me with info be able to receive international wire transfer direct to my American Bank account linked to my Payooneer Account?
    The banking details can be found within my payoneer account by clicking on My US Payment Service profile under Receive payments tab on the menu. From this page there is Bank Name, Routing Information, Account Number and Account Type.

    help please

    • Hello Munya,

      Please let people wire money to the exact virtual bank details as on your payoneer account and it should be able to reflect within 10 days. I hope that helps. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Payoneee ONLY accepts transfer from USA company accounts into the Bank of America account they give you. I have used it that way. Deposits from individuals or transfers from personal accounts are not acceptable.

        • Thanks for your opinion. But you can send funds to the exact Bank of America details and it should reflect within 10 days. I last did it last months and it works fine for me.

  8. Hello pliz i have payonner master card and activate it. They gave me account number and routing numba but I don’t know the bank name. And again I want to knw if I will activate the us account b4 it start working or since I have activate the card the account start work also? Pliz how will I know my bank name

    • Apply for US Payment Service and when accepted, you will receive an email with your virtual bank details. If you already applied then check your mail for the acceptance email, it should have all the information you need.

  9. Hello, kolo can i fund my payoneer card with the Global Payment Service details which includes “Bank Name,Acct No,Routing,Acct Type,Beneficiary Name”, from my local bank?

  10. Jodyann Manderson

    December 10, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Hi kolo thank you i have paypal account up and i am trying to upgrade to a business account and while upgrading its asking me for social security number or employee number i dont have any of those what can i do from there

  11. Hi@Kolo Pius, I am a citizen of Nepal. I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. Could you please help me? This country do have lots of difficulties regarding credit cards. I may have a Payoneer prepaid mastercard but can i fund the card via international bank wire transfer(SWIFT) ? Please, help me with your valuable suggestion.

    • Hey Bishal! It’s possible to transfer money to your Payoneer account via wire transfer. Wire the money to the exact US Virtual account as on your Payoneer account and it should reflect in not more than 10 days. Give it a try and let me know what happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hello Kolo,
    Many Thanks to you for sharing this awesome guide.
    I’ve got Payoneer Card but I didn’t know how to add funds to it but Now, I learned how to do it.
    Thanks again.

  13. Am from Ethiopia, and it is impossible to wire money to abroad. all the banks are local. and I don’t know anyone who can load me $2. This means all the above solutions can’t work for me. So please help me

  14. usually payoneer card must be funded from a n employer, a participating company for which you have done work. after it is funded once, you can self load, or anyone can load card form anywhere.

  15. hey kolo, i need some help immediately, i just signed up fro payoneer but im in a fix, firstly is global payment service the same as us payment service, because immediately got a virtual bank account on signing up with payoneer, its a first century bank with details such as Global Payment Service details which includes โ€œBank Name,Acct No,Routing,Acct Type,Beneficiary Nameโ€
    so i need to ship my card via dhl expedite shipping service, but you need funds on your account for that, so how can i fund my account without my master card. should i still indeed use the method of direct tranfer from my local bank account???
    and also when should i send all my documents, should i send them now? or after i get my mastercard?
    please help me, i need it urgently.I’ll be waiting for a reply.

  16. Hey can I send you the money via Paypal and you activate it for me? I live in the caribbean.

  17. If I send from a Non-US bank to my virtual account, (routing number + account number) will this method still work to activate my payoneer card? I am sure I read on the Payoneer website that you cannot send funds from an individual into your account.

    How much is the minimum amount one can send to activate the Payoneer card?

  18. Kolo Pius nice work bro.keep sharing nice work.i want to know how i add fund in payoneer through paypal

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