Are you among the circle that keeps searching for the best Web hosting for unlimited bandwidth? Truth is most newbies keep roaming on several offers from various web hosting companies that promise them unmetered bandwidth and disk space but does unlimited bandwidth or disk space exist? This article has all the answers you may need to know regarding unlimited bandwidth and disk space on the internet today.

You have to know that everything has a limit and so does those shared and other hosting accounts that are claimed to have no limit. The best a web hosting company can do is to always adjust your web hosting package automatically when your traffic and disk size keeps increasing which is almost impossible especially on a shared hosting environment.

Most of these companies will ask you to upgrade your package to a much stronger package to maintain good performance of your website but a few of them will rather suspend your hosting account and ask you to upgrade your package to have your site back running. You might also notice a slow down on your website’s performance especially when so many visitors visit it at the same time which usually happens when you hit your CPU memory limit.

Always try reading through the terms and conditions of the respective web hosts who are promising you unlimited bandwidth and disk space before purchasing a web hosting service from them and you will see that they have their limits written in a fine print.

Why are your promised unlimited bandwidth and disk space?

Now lets look at the main reason why several so claimed best web hosting providers claim to give unlimited bandwidth and web hosting. This is nothing but a marketing ploy that they use to attract new customers to their servers. You might be knowing how unrealistic such offers are but not everyone does or perhaps if you have ever hosted your site on a server that has limits resources (especially bandwidth and disk space) then you will know what it seems like to land on a web host promising you unlimited resources.

The web hosting industry is very competitive, reason why so many unrealistic marketing ploys are adopted each and everyday. The main point is out competing the rest to also have your own share of the market which all demands for marketing and innovation especially if you are trying to position your self among the best.

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Is there a possibility of getting unlimited bandwidth and disk space? My answer to this is a YES though it doesn’t come the way to expect it. First of all, you are going to pay a lot of money for it, secondly; it can’t be possible on a shared web hosting environment and lastly, you are willing to negotiate with your web host for custom plans and adjustments in case of any hikes in web traffic. If you are using WordPress to power your website then you might think of signing up with WP Engine for managed WordPress hosting if you are able to spend much or rather give Bluehost a shot for affordable web hosting.

Over to you

Have you ever gotten moved by such unlimited bandwidth and disk space offers? Me i got moved during my newbie days of blogging but still i didn’t regret anything because i was signing up with Bluehost; one of the top 3 reputable web hosting brands by then and it wasn’t long before i was asked to upgrade my web hosting account. How reliable is your web host? Are you currently subscribed to an unlimited plan? Please share your views below.