Best ways to Increase Adsense CPC

Want to know how to increase Adsense CPC? you are not alone. So many bloggers out there that rely on Adsense search for ways to increase Adsense CPC each and everyday simply because they want to make reasonable income from Google Adsense. Nothing sucks like getting less from Adsense while giving in more. Very many publishers get extremely low CPCs on their blogs which is not satisfactory at all. Talking about my personal experience, there are moments when i made roughly $15 from approximately 240 clicks on one of my blogs. It didn’t happen once, not even twice but very many times. Those same clicks would have earned me over $200 if my Cost Per Click was average of $1 or even 90 cents. I tried searching for how to increase CPC in Google Adsense sites but the Adsense cost per click average on that specific blog has never increased up to today except that i now get a few clicks from US that have some reasonable CPC.

Increase Adsense CPC

Before we look at increasing your revenue from Google Adsense, Lets look at two scenarios; imagine Blog A gets roughly 100 clicks daily and it’s average CPC is $1 then Blog B gets 100 clicks on an average CPC of $0.10 daily. Blog A would earn $100 (100 x $1) and Blog B would earn $10 (100 x $0.10). Judging from that example every one would want to settle for Blog A because it brings in more income than what Blog B does. Truth is if your CPC is high then you will enjoy using Adsense on your Blog but in case your CPC is low, don’t despair because the tips on this article will get your blog an Adsense CPC increase.

How do we Increase Adsense CPC?

It is very possible to increase your Adsense CPC. I am going to show you exactly how to increase CPC in Adsense. What you should know is everything comes with patience because you are not going to see results overnight or in just a few weeks after implementation and besides, you have to be hardworking. You might want to know how to increase CPC of your Adsense site yet you give in less in terms of writing quality content or driving traffic to it.

Write quality content

Google is out to reward quality websites with content that provide value to it’s readers. If you want to get high CPCs for your blog then you ought to write extremely relevant and quality content for your readers. Make sure your content is not only informative but free from typos as well and try to keep it to a minimum of 300 words. This will not only increase Adsense CPC but will also earn you the trust and loyalty of your readers.

Build Quality Traffic

No doubt quality traffic will increase Adsense CPC. So what is high quality traffic? traffic that comes from search engines (Organic Traffic) is far stronger than referral traffic, social traffic and direct traffic. To get more organic traffic you have to get your SEO in place which begins from the way you write your articles to the way you optimize them for search engine. You can refer to this article to learn how to optimize your posts for search engine.

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Target High Paying Keywords and Countries

An array of keywords have been proven to get you high CPCs. If you include such keywords in your posts then you should be able to increase Adsense CPC. I managed to list down some of the highest paying google Adsense niches where you can get high paying keywords from but make sure you don’t lose direction of your blog. If entertainment is your niche don’t try to mix irrelevant information on your blog or else your blog will lose meaning. Try to stick to main subject of your blog and try using other measures to increase Adsense CPC. Besides keywords, you can also target traffic from high paying countries like USA. Clicks from USA and New Zealand are proven to be of high CPC and can earn you an average of $1 or even more unlike clicks from low paying countries that earn you cents.

Improve Page Rank and Domain Authority

This is one of the most vital lesser known points to consider. Websites that score high on Domain Authority and Page Rank receive very high CPC as opposed to websites that score less. Google strongly considers these two factors before determining the average CPC for your blog. If your blog scores less, even if you target high paying keywords, you might not get the exact amount you are supposed to get from a click. This has happened to many bloggers who target only high paying keywords but still get low CPC yet the Google Adwords Keyplanner tool shows a high bid on such keywords. This is because Google considers so many factors like your page rank and Domain Authority meaning you should strengthen them.

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Enable Image and Text Ad Formats

Enabling both image and text ads will increase competition for ads on your blog and remember the highest bidder takes up the slot. This is a very effective way to increase Adsense CPC. For all the years i have used Adsense i have realized one thing, there are more text ads than image ads and one mistake most bloggers make is stick to only image ads or rather only text ads. If both types of ads are enabled, competition strikes up and you are able to get high CPC and boost your google Adsense revenue.

Proper Ad Placements

This is very essential if you have been looking for how to increase Google Adsense earnings. Proper ad placements can increase Adsense CPC hence, increase Adsense earnings on your blog too. Some spots are bid for more than others. A 720×90 ad block on the header of your website, one on the right top of the side bar and another just below a post’s title will perform well. These are the most competitive ad spots on a web page and even Google itself encourages publishers to place ads on those spots. Make sure you place the ad codes in a div tag because Adsense robots usually serve high quality ads to blocks with div tags irrespective of where you place it. Lastly, try to maintain only 3 ad blocks per page or else irrelevant ads will be displayed on your webpage which is less CPC for you or you could even lose your Adsense account because this is against Google Adsense TOS.

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Very many blogs talk about blocking low paying categories, websites and Adwords accounts but i recommend you don’t change any configuration in your dashboard except the Ad Serving options because you might end up getting lower CPCs. The tips above should increase your google Adsense earnings but in case you implement all the tips ad see no change or you probably saw a sudden Adsense CPC drop on your account then this should be a warning signal. There could be a possibility that you have been smart-priced. If the word smart-pricing sounds new you can read more about it here. You can also check out the best alternatives for Google Adsense.

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  1. Adsense Optimization is pretty interesting for me. If we concentrate on conversion rate optimization along with SEO, I guess in less time we can improve revenue generating funda of our web marketing efforts. The best way to improve Adsense revenue is to write content on high CPC keywords, but such articles will not perform well in organic search because of high competition. We can drive traffic through low competition keywords to blog and include high paying keywords link within the article; so that visitors would click on high paying keywords link and redirect to high CPC article within a blog.

    For me, it’s just studying with ad placements and experimenting with font size and colors to mix in with the content that works. I know that Google Adsense optimization is critical to earning from blogging. But it is very ugly to use 336×280 at the top of blog post because it diverts reader attention. So I always keep 728×90 or 468×60 at the upper part of the header.

    CPC/CPM/PPC is the most crucial factor if your blogs main monetization factor of Google Adsense. I’m practicing very hard to increase my Adsense earnings because they are very low in my blogs. I’m working with keywords in articles, and I’m praying I can get something more from it. Anyways its an excellent article about increasing Adsense earnings. You have discussed all the key points for increasing CPC of Adsense Ads. Thanks!

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