Why you should never use Infolinks on your blog

Being named among the best Google Adsense alternatives, i believe Infolinks can earn you good money but still there reasons why you should never use Infolinks on your Blog. Am going to list down those reasons below but i want to make it clear that am not discouraging you completely from Joining Infolinks just that if it doesn’t work for you then i recommend you should never use Infolinks on your blog. Infolinks might not work for you but it will work for someone else. The only PPC monetization network that works best for everyone, even blogs with less traffic is Google Adsense.

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In my own experience, i used to use Infolinks alongside Adsense to monetize one of my News and Entertainment blogs but there is no day i made a dollar from Infolinks despite averaging between 10,000 – 20,000 page views per day for a whole month. I was too quick to pull out, i removed Infolinks from my blog after about three weeks though their customer care assistant got back to me and claimed i just needed more time for Infolinks to fully integrate on my website. I had more reasons as to why i removed their script from my website, i will explain those reasons below. The screenshot below shows how much i earned for 10 days.

Why you should never use infolinks on your blog

According to several Infolinks reviews, Infolinks can be a good monetization network for your website but you need heavy and quality traffic volume for your blog if you are to make reasonable money out of it. I have a friend who averaged $100 per day from infolinks but his blog received over 1.5 Million monthly views and almost half of that was US traffic. The reasons below explain why i don’t use Infolinks on any of my blogs.

1 – Infolinks needs High Traffic

If your website’s traffic is low then Infolinks might not work for you. When i talk about low traffic i mean traffic that is less than 500,000 a month. In case your traffic crosses a million then you might think of giving Infolinks a try or rather being patient with it but still i believe you need over 20,000 daily page views and majority of that should be organic traffic. Only use Infolinks when your traffic is high.

2 – Infolinks drives your visitors away from your Blog for almost 0 cents

When visitors hover on Infolinks ads and click on them, they are taken to the advertisers page and chances are high they might not return to your web page again after that. Just assume the visitor had stayed longer and read more articles? you would probably get more page views or he could land on a good article that could have made him gain trust in your blog. Truth is you need visitors to successfully run a blog but if you lose them for almost no cent, you might have a struggling blogging career. Sometimes i encourage newbie bloggers to first do away with all advertisements on a blog and work on it’s traffic and quality before thinking of monetizing it again. Infolinks will drive away very many visitors from your blog for almost no cent. The screenshot above confirms it all.

3 – Infolinks makes your Web Pages look Messy

If you choose to use Infolinks, you should be ready to live with messy web pages. Some bloggers place as much as 12 double underlined in-text ads on their web pages which makes them look so messy and annoying to readers. However much you write relevant content, if your web pages look messy then that alone will drive visitors away from your blog. Having clean ads free content is one of the necessities for building a quality blog.

4 – Infolinks pays less

Lastly, Infolinks pays extremely less per impression and shows a lot of irrelevant adverts on your blog. I only saw Facebook ads for the entire three weeks Infolinks was integrated on my blog despite viewing my web pages from different IP addresses and locations. Like said above, there is no day i made a dollar from infolinks despite the average 20,000 page views i used to get.

You can never know what your journey with Infolinks will be like until you give it a try. It can mean to be a very good paying network if all the customization is done well and i have seen bloggers testify to it.

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If you are not meeting your expectations with Infolinks then i suggest you dis-integrate it and maybe try it afterwards when you are sure your traffic is up but if you are confident about making good money from it then click Here to get started.


  1. I am having bad experience with infolinks so is there best to use media ads…

  2. Infolinks is totally terrible. It makes the blog feel like a site full of spammy links.

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