Feel like starting a WordPress blog to spark off your blogging journey? Blogging is fun but requires a lot of dedication and commitment of course not forgetting patience. You are not going to start a blog and expect it to yield right away or in just a few months with a few articles unless you have been in the game for long, probably identified a low competition niche and you are very well conversant with all the sides of SEO (On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Link Buildling) and more.

Starting a Wordpress Blog

Starting a WordPress Blog! What if your new to blogging? Don’t Panic but rather open up your brain to learn every single day of your journey, love what you are doing, dedicate yourself, write extremely relevant articles and lastly, follow some of the most influential people in whatever topic you intend to blog about (Actually this is what made me). Before we look into the exact steps of Starting a WordPress Blog, i want you to ask yourself one question, Are you blogging for fun or you intend to make money from your blog? Truth is most people side with the money perspective and so do i. However, i won’t do it at the expense of my readers and the plans are long term. If you are Starting a WordPress Blog to make money then i’ll guide you on the exact steps to take to meet your dreams.

How do i start a WordPress Blog

By the way, this article is going to be brief because i intend to keep it simple and quick so that you are able to start a blog in a few minutes. However, i will keep updating it to improve on the information with time. The main point here is starting a WordPress blog and what i’ll say is you are just steps closer to running your first blog though you will have to spend a few dollars purchasing some of the services you will need to run your WordPress blog. Just follow the steps below;

Step One: Buy web hosting from either: BlueHost or SiteGround. For starters you can sign up for shared hosting from any of those recommended web hosting companies because i trust they’ll offer you one of the best shared web hosting services besides offering you a free domain name for the first year of registration.

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Step Two: After buying web hosting, i suggest you buy a good theme for your blog from Theme Forest or My Theme Shop that’s if you have money for a WordPress theme. Alternatively, if you can’t afford a WordPress theme at the moment then you can download a free theme from the official WordPress site. Stay away from downloading themes from untrusted sources because you might end up doing more harm to your domain than good.

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Step Three: You have bought web hosting and downloaded a theme for your WordPress blog, so what next? We have to install WordPress on the server and have it running. That article should guide you on the exact steps for installing WordPress on a server. It’s a bit descriptive but has almost all the information you need to know about each step.

Step Four: Start publishing relevant articles within your niche, be patient and of course be hard working. Make sure your articles are lengthy and valuable.

What you should know is you need to be extra patient after starting a blog till when you push it to a position where it can bring in some income. It’s not easy but not hard as well! First focus on writing relevant articles and increasing your website’s traffic then afterwards you can think of monetizing your blog. In fact, i usually recommend monetizing your blog right away depending on the scheme you are using because it guides you and will motivate you to work harder to increase your income. For starters you can use Google Adsense and later on switch to affiliate marketing depending on your niche.

I have a lot of work on my desk but i have time to set up for you a WordPress blog with a theme. I will do all the set up, add all the relevant plugins for it, work on it’s security and make sure you are left with nothing but only writing articles. Simply buy web hosting from BlueHost by clicking the “Sign Up with Bluehost” button above, send me the url of the website that you just hosted on Bluehost and have your blog running within 24 hours. Fair deal right? It’s a 50 / 50 deal. You gain and so do i. In case you feel lost somewhere, feel free to ask any questions and i shall gladly respond to your query.