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My name is Kolo Pius Okee, i am 26 years old and i live in Uganda. I was born here and i have seen the rest of my years in this country though i intend to visit most of the beautiful places in the world as years move on. I studied Human Resource Management at Makerere University Business School but some how i knew i wouldn’t end up in the same career line because of the passion for IT & Technology i have always had since my childhood days. At the moment, i blog, i am into Tour and Travel & i play basketball but my core duties revolve around Web Development, Mobile Development (All Platforms) & SEO services. I also do graphics and audio production when i am free (i am quite good at those) but i can’t concentrate on so many things at a time.

My blogging journey started in 2013. At that time i run an online magazine but after some time i phased it out and decided to start this blog. I have plans of pushing it up to 10,000 tutorials plus and endeavor to always keep them updated which is quite a challenging task since stuff changes a lot lately on the internet. At TutorialFAQ, i write tutorials about Blogging, Making Money Online, WordPress, Programming and more depicting on my past experience on the internet. Nothing related to this falls in my line of study but i have turned out to become one of the best web developers and SEOs in Uganda not forgetting my other life of Blogging.

Seeing how Indians scoop almost all freelance jobs on the internet, make money online are one of the reasons that pushed to start this blog. I was also partly inspired by Harsh Agrawal (Founder of ShoutMeLoud), Neil Patel (Founder of Quick Sprout & Crazy Egg), Brian Dean (Founder of Backlinko) and Pat Flynn (Founder of Smart Passive Income). I have plans of introducing Ugandans more into online marketing, blogging and making money online to cub down the rate of unemployment in the country especially among the fresh graduates. This doesn’t mean i am only targeting Uganda, i am targeting the whole world.

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