Add Multiple Domains

How to Add Multiple Domains on a Hosting account

Did you know you can host more than one website on a hosting account? Hosting multiple websites is very possible, all you have to do is add multiple domains (Addon Domains) on your hosting account then point it to a folder that has your website files in file manager. When the domain is hit on the browser, a user will automatically be redirected to the folder that the addon domain points to. Alternatively, you can park the domains and they point to the root folder on your server (same folder as primary domain). This article mainly focuses on adding addon domains on your web hosting account.

Not all hosting packages allow you to add multiple domains to your hosting account. Most hosting companies provide addon domains for their second hosting plans (one that is slightly expensive than the cheapest package). The web hosting companies below will enable you add multiple domains on your web hosting account. They provide the best hosting for multiple domains at a good web hosting price.

How do we add multiple domains on a hosting account

In this article i show you the exact steps to follow if you are to add multiple domains to a hosting account in cPanel. The process can be easy if you follow the exact procedures but a few people encounter errors because one or more configurations aren’t right.

Step 1 – Change Nameservers

Before we add multiple domains to a hosting account, the nameservers of the domain you want to add should point to the host or else the process won’t be successful. If you don’t know the nameservers of your host you can try contacting them and they will provide it to you or alternatively you can try checking on their FAQ sections for information regarding their nameservers. If you didn’t register the domain you have to contact the domain registrar and ask them to change the name servers for you. If the nameservers are not set you will see the screenshot below or else it will successfully add the domain.

Add Multiple Domains

Step 2 – Add domain as an Addon domain

To be able to add multiple domains to a hosting account, we shall utilize the ‘addon domains’ feature. You have to add the domain as an addon domain in your cPanel. After logging in to your cPanel account, simply navigate to the domains section and click on ‘Addon Domains’.

Add Multiple Domains

Step 3 – Enter domain information

The last step involves entering all the necessary information associated with your addon domain. Usually when you enter the domain name under the ‘New Domain Name’ field, the rest of the fields are automatically filled in. You may also choose to create a file transfer protocol (ftp) account for the addon domain. After filling in the necessary information, click on “add domain” and the domain should be added and a folder that the domain points to will be automatically created in the public_html (root) directory of your website. The page you see should be similar to the screenshot below.

Add Multiple Domains

You can also set the addon domain to point to the root directory that’s in case you need multiple domains to point to your main website or else you have to create a new folder in the root directory, point the addon domain to the folder and upload the new website files in it. This way you will be able to host more than one website on one hosting account.

In case you see any error make sure you do a who is search and confirm the nameservers of the domain have been changed to your web host. If the nameservers are changed and you still encounter any error then i recommend you try contacting your web host about the issue.

If you are thinking of hosting multiple websites on your hosting account then look no further than the tutorial above. That’s all you need to know in case you want to add multiple domains to a hosting account. Have any questions? feel free to drop me a comment below.

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