Add Nofollow Menu Links

How to Add Nofollow Menu Links in WordPress

Want to add nofollow menu links in WordPress? You might have encountered a few scenarios where you needed to add an outbound link on your WordPress navigation menu but at the same time didn’t want the link to be dofollow because you probably didn’t want to pass link juice to the site you are linking to. It’s very common and you might get confused on how to get this to work since all WordPress menu link elements are dofollow by default but all the same you shouldn’t despair because it’s far possible to add nofollow menu links in WordPress using a few tweaks on the WordPress dashboard menu interface. This tutorial is going to to take you through the exact steps to follow if you are to add nofollow menu links in WordPress. I have included screenshots to make this tutorial more visual and simple for you.

Adding a Nofollow Menu Link in WordPress

So how do we add nofollow menu links in WordPress? Since we are interested WordPress menus, you have to navigate to the menus page on your dashboard. By the end of this tutorial, you should see a nofollow attribute on the new menu element (link 1) we have created in this tutorial.

All you have to do is open the menus page on your dashboard, click on “screen options” at the top right corner to open advanced options, then check the “link relationship(XFN)” checkbox.

Add Nofollow Menu Links

The link relationship field is the one that will enable us to add nofollow menu links in WordPress hence, we have to check it.

After checking the “link relationship(XFN)” checkbox, you should see a new field appear among your menu link elements option box. See screenshot below:

Add Nofollow Menu Links

This is the field that manages the relationships between links. It is also the same field where you are going to add a nofollow attribute for your link. Simply type the word “nofollow” on the link relationship input field, save your menu and your link will become nofollow. You can crosscheck on the front-end too by inspecting the link element to verify the nofollow link.

Add Nofollow Menu Links

By now you should be knowing how to add nofollow menu links in WordPress. It’s very simple though confusing at first. Follow exactly what is written in this tutorial and you should be able to add nofollow menu links on your WordPress navigation menu. In case you get stuck anywhere in the process, am here to help! Just drop a comment below.

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