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How to Add SEO Meta Tags on a web page

Meta Tags are html tags that describe a page’s content. There are very many types of meta tags in existence today but that is not our point of focus, we are mainly focusing on SEO meta tags. So what are SEO meta tags? similar to the definition above, these are html tags that describe a page’s content on search engine.

Meta tags do help a lot in search engine ranking but of course not fully, there are other factors considered for a web page to rank well. The four types of SEO meta tags that will describe your website best on search engine are:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Robots

Meta Title: A meta title attribute is simply the title of a web page and is the title that appears on search engine. This tag’s snippet appears first in a search engine entry. It’s role in search engine ranking is considered very vital as compared to the other SEO meta tags.

Meta Description: A meta description tag explains to search engines what your page is about. It appears slightly below the page URL in a search engine entry. Unlike the title tag, it’s a bit lengthy. Google currently limits it’s excerpt to 24 words. It’s a good practice to include keywords in a web page content and leave the meta description to be generated using the page’s excerpt. This way more unfocused keywords could drive traffic to your web page.

Meta Keywords: Probably the most vital when it comes to search engine ranking. If your posts have no keywords then you are not about to rank any where. So what are Meta Keywords? Keywords notify search engines the specific about the exact topic that your web page is about. When searchers key in a keyword you chose, your post is likely to show up in the results depending on your ranking. So why am i saying it’s the most vital? Because posts that have good meta title tags and good meta description tags have failed to rank in search engines without meta keywords. Meanwhile, due to changes in as google’s algorithm, some blogs have reported how this tag is no longer relevant because google automatically picks keywords from a web page’s content but is still believe it is especially for low traffic sites that are trying tot rank better.

Meta Robots: Want to keep search engine bots away from indexing certain web pages on your website? You might have to use this meta tag. It has two values which are: index and noindex. The index value allows bots to crawl your web pages and the noindex value does the opposite.

In the screenshot below my focus keyword was ‘Adsense’. The photo will give you a clear understanding of meta tags.

seo meta tags

So how do we add SEO Meta tags on a Webpage?

Before we go any further, you should know that these tags are added on in-between the and html tags. Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento plus many more already have developed plugins that eases the procedure of adding these tags.

In this article we add the tags manually to our web pages in between the head html tags like mentioned earlier but remember the meta title tag is the title of our web page implicating it is generated automatically as long as you add a title to a page. If you are not using a content management system for your website then what you need to know is the html tag placed in the head section defines the meta title of your web page.

<!-- Meta Title -->
<title>Enter page title here to automatically generate a meta title</title>

<!-- Meta Description -->
<meta name="description" content="Enter meta description here" />

<!-- Meta Keywords -->
<meta name="keywords" content="Enter keywords here separated by commas" />

<!-- Meta Robots -->
<meta name="robots" content="Enter index to index this page or noindex to restrict bots from indexing it" />

Like said earlier, these tags are very vital when it comes to search engine optimization. If all these tags are correctly placed and you are still not seeing any results then you might have to learn how to Optimize your posts for Search Engine.

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