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7 Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes for Explosive CTR

Do Adsense optimized WordPress themes increase revenue? In simpler terms, do themes have any effect on your Adsense earnings? So many bloggers out there hardly get a clear answer for this but truth is they do and they don’t. So why am i supporting it and at the same time contradicting it? It’s simply because what matters most is the several factors that affect Adsense CPC and mostly the ads placement of your ads. A theme developer can choose to place ad slots in places that will earn you high paying ads and high click-through rates while considering other factors too. Some other factors could be placing ads top-left on the left sidebar because the human eye looks from top to bottom vertically and left to right horizontally.

Another trick could be offering none of the ad slots to the sidebar(s) but rather in, before or after the post content since that is where the main focus of a reader lies right. All this is dependent on the way the ads are placed on your blog, implicating if you know the best spots to place ads and have basic knowledge of editing WordPress themes then you can easily optimize any theme for Adsense. For those that don’t know the best spots to place Adsense ads? You shouldn’t worry either because Google already has the spots out on their Adsense Heatmap.

Another mind blowing fact is most of the Adsense optimized themes mentioned below are equally fast and optimized for SEO as well which sounds more like a bonus since it grants you a slight portion of On-Page optimization. Besides, themes that are optimized for SEO are most likely to get you more organic traffic, higher CPC bids and more clicks compared to non-SEO optimized themes. All bloggers want the most from Adsense and so do you. If you need no hustle looking for the best spots on your theme that will generate high click-through rates, i have a couple of themes already listed on this article that will skyrocket your Adsense earnings irrespective of your daily clicks.

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Best WordPress Themes for Adsense

So many factors affect Adsense CPC and themes are one of those factors. If you are looking to increase your Adsense earnings then these themes should definitely help you.

1. AdSense Theme

This theme was authored by MyThemeShop and comes with a number of great features that will increase your Adsense earnings. It’s probably one of the best Adsense optimized themes in the market today. This theme comes with an inbuilt Ad blocker detector that will detect any Ad blocker add-on and ask a user to disable Ad blockers for only your blog. You can customize the message that appears on the pop-up to convince your visitors more about disabling Ad blockers for your blog.

Besides it’s various inbuilt Ad placement slots, this theme is also very fast and optimized for SEO. It currently has over 8 pre-defined layouts you can choose from. Watch video below for a much broader view of it’s features.

2. Magazine

Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

This theme was authored by Themify and designed basically for Magazines and news websites. This 3 column WordPress theme was designed in a way that it has to be used along with the Themify Builder to build multiple layouts easily. The builder enables you build complex layouts like for major news websites in a short period of time and with less hustle. The ad slots on this theme are placed in areas that will definitely earn you high click-through rates (CTR) with options of several widgetized ad slots for banner ads placed within articles.

With the 42 pre-built layout options to choose from, retina support, new ticker plus more great features, Magazine should power your next Magazine, Blog or News website.

3. Truemag

Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Truemag is yet another great member on the list. This theme has been around for quite some time now (Since 2014) but all i remember is using it once for one of my entertainment magazines and noticing a sudden increase in my CTR (click through rate) shortly after installing it. Besides the great features and ad slots, i am recommending this theme out of my personal experience and guarantee you will see results right away if you make use of it’s in-article inbuilt ad slots.

So what are the features i am talking about? First and foremost, this theme is fast! What i would also consider is the responsiveness of the inbuilt ad slots. For WooCommerce users, Truemag has all the features and compatibility you need.

4. Sensational Theme by MyThemeShop

Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

If you are thinking of starting up a Magazine / Blog then you should consider Sensational Theme by MyThemeShop. Besides the pre-built ad slots on the right and left sidebars, this theme allows you to place ads right below the post title (best spot for adsense ads) and just after the title. To maximize revenue, place a 120×600 ad first on the left sidebar, another below post title and the last block after post content. If you feel the urge to add a fourth block then think of placing a Skyscrapper ad on the right side bar.

This theme is also SEO ready, WooCommerce compatible, optimized for speed, comes with 5 predefined demos plus 1 fluid responsive layout and more. Want to know everything you can do with this amazing theme? Check it out below.

5. Admania Theme

Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Admania was authored by UserThemes and released in November 2016. Besides the high-conversion inbuilt ad slots that will definitely skyrocket your Adsense earnings, Admania comes with a live front end ad editor. This feature adds an edit button on all the ad slots seen in the screenshot above to make it easy for you to add ads and preview them right away. The theme offers over 10 ad slots to choose from, with most of them being placed on areas that Google itself recommends through their heatmap. Another great feature about this theme is it’s sticky sidebar. Ads are stuck on the sidebar as visitors scroll down and up a page which definitely increases chances of the ads being clicked on. And besides, sticky sidebars also result into high impressions on ads implicating CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) ads would still add up revenue on your earnings even without clicks, which is quite a fair deal.

Admania comes predefined with 5 custom impressive layouts, is fast and is very user friendly. This theme mainly powers magazines, news websites and blogs.

6. HotNews by MyThemeShop

Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Hotnews was built for speed and suitable for any one who wants to start a magazine or blog but can also be used for a viral site. Just like other themes above, this theme has well placed inbuilt ad slots and is responsive. Some of the ad slots lie below the main navigation menu, on the sidebar plus a few in-article slots to choose from. It’s a very light-weight and simple theme that won’t give you hard time to install or configure. Built on HTML5 and CSS3, this theme will definitely make your blog ready for the future.

7. Newsmag

Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

I have saved tagDiv’s masterpiece for the last. I would choose this theme any day next to Adsense Theme by MyThemeShop. This theme is fast (comes pre-packaged with tagDiv speed booster), nice looking and will let Adsense ads blend in beautifully to your website without affecting the user in any way. Newsmag comes pre-built with 3 in-article ad slots; one below post title, one in post content (usually gets high CTR) and the last one just after content on top of other slots on the sidebar and header. This themes comes featured with the WP Bakery visual composer plugin that will let you place your Adsense ads anywhere on the your website except on the categories. I just have a lot to say about this theme and to be honest, it’s more than worth the money you’ll spend purchasing it. I currently use it to power one of my travel blogs and i haven’t had any issues with it.

Getting fast themes with proper ad placements is one thing, i believe content is everything. And besides, there is no use increasing your CTR yet your CPC is extremely low and if you fall in this loop then i suggest you try other monetization options. CTR means more Adsense revenue but CPC is major too. if you have installed any of these Adsense optimized WordPress themes or any other theme and noticed a sudden hike in your CTR but less change in your Adsense earnings then it’s time you learnt how to increase Adsense CPC for better revenue.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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5 comments on “7 Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes for Explosive CTR”

  1. Nasrin Akter

    Excellent collection! Dear Pius, Is specific theme require adsense?

  2. Vrushali

    While I am not here to promote or market for a new theme, if I had to choose one from the list, I would go with the Adsense Theme from MyThemeShop.

    I don’t use Adsense on my most of the site, but I’ve been considering it. If I ever do, maybe, I’ll switch to one of these templates to see if it would support me to increase my earnings. All the themes you shown are really charming and elegant but are also premium. I will be happy if you could propose some free Adsense friendly themes.

    I personally worked more WP themes on my blog before, it was not so good in boosting the AD Revenue, but it was heavy in loading particularly for newbies like me that always looking to make money blogging from Banner Ad Instead of Affiliate Marketing. I would suggest any but newspaper style which is way better in terms of speed as well as mobile responsiveness since they also have quite extraordinary benefits like structured Data etc.

    Thanks for sharing all these themes with us, I know that they will help anybody to increase their Adsense earnings.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Thanks for reading too.

  3. Miracle John

    I’m simply not a fan of adsense. (for new blogs though) but i have great taste for themes well optimise. thanks Pius for sharing

  4. Ratan Mia

    I suggest Frontier WordPress Theme. It is full free and fully customization. You can place ad using widget where you want.

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