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How to appeal and get disabled Adsense account back

My Adsense account is disabled, can i recover it? This is a very common question among publishers who get banned from Adsense. The answer to that question is a YES. You can send an appeal and recover a disabled Adsense account but it all depends on the circumstances on which your account was disabled. If your Adsense account was disabled for invalid click activity then that might as well be the end of the road for you because Google doesn’t reinstate accounts that were involved in any invalid click activity.

Sad thing is the ban applies to a domain level implicating all future Adsense accounts you open using the URL that is associated with the disabled Adsense account will also get disabled. You also lose all the money in your account because Google refunds it to it’s respective advertisers. In most cases, you don’t even get an approval.

Google tries so hard to protect it’s Adwords advertisers. This leads to disabling Adsense accounts that are not compliant with their terms of service. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t usually disclose the reason for disabling accounts because they need to protect their proprietary detection system from the public. This makes it hard to cite out the main reason behind your disabled Adsense account.

Before we look more submitting an Adsense appeal, you might want to look at the most common reasons why people get banned from Adsense. If you don’t fall within the invalid click activity circle then you might stand a chance of sending an appeal and getting your disabled Adsense account back. If you have been banned for invalid activity and you need Adsense to monetize your website then make sure you back up all your files and buy a new domain for it then then try to apply again or alternatively try out these Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog.

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How to appeal for a disabled Adsense account

The first thing to do before submitting an appeal for a disabled Adsense account is checking and confirming that all the web pages on your website are compliant with Adsense terms of service. If some web pages are not compliant you might think of deleting them or removing Google Ads from them. You can’t get your disabled Adsense account back if you don’t make changes on your website. Once you are sure all the web pages are fine you can as well fill in the Google Adsense appeal form and wait for feedback from Google. Follow the procedures below:

Step 1 – Visit Google Adsense Appeal page
Step 2 – Click on the check boxes and fill up the Adsense appeal form
Lastly – Wait for Feedback

When submitting an appeal, Google expects you to review the reasons behind your disabled Adsense account, review ad implementations on your blog to see if users are accidentally clicking on ads, indicate the email address associated with your disabled Adsense account and lastly let them know what changes you need to make in future regarding the safety of your account.

While appealing for a disabled Adsense account, i suggest you include the number of years you have used Adsense, your publisher id, your email address and the URL of the affected website. All this will help the review team locate your account easily and also reduce processing time.

Was your Adsense account disabled before? how did you recover your account and what measurements did you take? please share with us your experience below.

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