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Best Ads Placement Guide with Adsense Heatmap

When you search about ways of increasing Adsense CPC, one of the most common words you will encounter is following the Google Adsense Heatmap placement guide while implementing ads on your blog. The Adsense Heatmap placement guide will not only show you where to put ads for the best CTR but will help you attract high CPC ads too which will increase your Adsense earnings.

Placing ads in the recommended positions will also not annoy your readers. Usually readers don’t like reading posts that have a lot of Ads in them implicating they could lose trust in your blog or probably start ignoring it. Don’t make money with Adsense at the expense of your readers.

The Adsense Heatmap Image

The image below is the official Adsense Heatmap guide considered to be the best Adsense placement guide that Google recommends publishers to follow. Like said earlier, placing Ads in these spots will usually lead to higher conversions.

Adsense Heatmap

Basing on the image above, the best spots to place Adsense Ads are the ones marked in Dark Orange. The light orange and yellowish spots are not right places to place ads where as the white spots are the worst places to place Adsense Ads.

We are going to follow this same Adsense Heatmap guide to extract the best places to place Adsense Ads but remember Google allows a maximum of 3 Ads units on a page implicating i would recommend you place the three Ads in the spots below:

  • Below post title
  • On the Sidebar
  • Below navigation bar

I suggest you place a 728×90 Ad unit below the navigation bar then a 300×250 or 336×280 below the post title and on the side bar. Having Ads placed in this manner will usually get you a good CTR and attract high quality ads too. Don’t forget to place Adsense codes in DIV tags as well. Placing Ads in DIV tags usually attracts high quality ads on your blog.

Also note that there are a couple of website themes optimized for Adsense that will save you the hustle of implementing Ads on your blog; by default the themes show you the best spots to place Adsense Ads for higher conversions. I implemented this guide on one of my blogs and my CTR rose from 0.7% maximum to 1.8% maximum. If you are using Adsense to monetize blog, how are your Ads placed? do you follow the Adsense Heatmap or some other guide? please let us know how your Ads are placed.

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  1. sahil

    not in all the blog ad placement tactics works it depends in niche of your blog and which types audience you have I tried same ad placement on ALL blog but ctr is different so we have to try always different ad placement and do experiment yourself and see which one placement works best for you and also this one is best guide I appreciate it also but keep testing always

  2. Ratan Mia

    Thanks for the productive adsense layouts. It is important to have enough content so that you site does not appear spammy.

  3. Rajat vaishnav

    Thanks for sharing this article and give such a nice information. This is very useful to me.

  4. Shahriar

    Thank You. It will help me a lot.

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