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Best practices for Protecting Adsense Account

Getting approved for Adsense is one thing but to protect an Adsense account from getting disabled is another. What you should know is so may factors could get your Adsense account disabled, you can refer to this post for some of the reasons why most accounts are disabled.

You have to learn how to protect your Adsense account. If you always protect an Adsense account, you might as well have a good journey with the monetization scheme but if you care less about it then it might be hard for you to tell when your account is in danger. Remember if you get your Google Adsense account disabled there are chances you might never get it back, you have to take extra caution to avoid all this. I personally check my Adsense account almost everyday to make sure there are no irregularities in my account.

How to Protect an Adsense Account

How can i protect my Adsense account? It’s not hard to protect an Adsense Account, am going to share with you some of the measures you can take to ensure your Adsense account is always in good condition. Putting these measures in place will help you maintain your account for years. It’s not all about how to protect Adsense account from invalid clicks, this article explains how to protect your Adsense account generally. The Google Adsense tips below show you how to protect Google Adsense account so that you don’t get Adsense disabled on your blog.

Regularly check your Adsense Account

The first step to protect an Adsense account is to regularly check it. If possible do it daily or at least once in two days. Months ago, i received a notice on my Adsense dashboard about one of the posts on one of my blogs being flagged for violations and it required me to delete it within 48 hours. I had to react to the notice right away and take down the post from my website before the 48 hours elapsed. Imagine i hadn’t checked my account and the Adsense review team confirmed the notice on my dashboard wasn’t attended to? chances are high i would have lost my account. Checking your Adsense account more often also helps you keep track of your Click-Through Rates. High CTR can be a sign of click bombing or poor Ad implementation and can easily get your account disabled meaning if you notice any abnormal rise in CTR on your website you should immediately remove ads from it and report the case to Google immediately.

Report Irregularities

To protect an Adsense account, you have to be more open and honest with Google. If you notice a sudden rise in your CTR, accidentally click on your own ads, bought traffic or violated any of their terms of service i recommend you let Google know as early as possible.

Don’t click on your Own Ads

A portion of publishers click on their own ads to generate extra revenue. Some will switch to new IP addresses and generate more click but what you have to know is Google is too smart to be played around with. They will always discover your activity. Google takes invalid click activities very serious. Accounts disabled for generating invalid clicks are usually gone for good meaning even if you appeal for it, you can never have it back. Never make a mistake of clicking on your own ads because Google will find out but if you do you shouldn’t stay reluctant on the issue hoping they won’t find out, report the case to them immediately and apologize for it.

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Proper Ad Implementation

Poor Ad implementation on your blog will often generate invalid clicks and get your Adsense account disabled. A good example i can give to relate to this is placing 3 ads in post content, user will often accidentally click on your ads and navigate back to your website right way. This is what Google doesn’t want. Also note that a normal Click Through Rate should fall some where below 3.5%, if your CTR is higher than that then i suggest you review the Ad implementation on your blog. You can follow the Adsense Heatmap guide for the best implementation and protect an Adsense account.

Don’t violate any of their Terms of Service

The biggest step you can take to protect an Adsense account is stay away from their policy violations. Make sure you don’t violate any of their terms of service and if you do, report the case to them right away indicating the adjustments you have made. For more information regarding Google Adsense terms of service click here.

If you follow the guide above you will know how to protect Adsense account but if you still get banned, you have a chance to appeal for your account. Alternatively you can try out these Adsense alternatives or learn to make money on your blog without Adsense.

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