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Best ways to build backlinks for a blog

It’s every bloggers dream to build backlinks for a blog but what kind of backlinks are your building? are they high quality backlinks or low quality backlinks? A high quality backlink will have a huge impact on your blog and vice versa.

Now, before we get started we have to first know what backlinks are. So what are backlinks in SEO? A backlink can be defined as an incoming link from a web page to a web site. It is very significant when it comes to improving your blog’s page rank, authority and getting your posts to rank well on search engines. A backlink coming from a website with over 80% Google Page Rank is likely to improve your page rank and ranking too but the question is how we get such backlinks.

In this article i highlight the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to build backlinks for your blog. Please also note that there are very many ways of building backlinks but the ones below are the most effective.


Now that you know all you need is a hyperlink on a web page that links to your website if you are to get backlink, a lot of ideas might be running through your head now but fact is if you do the wrong thing your blog might be affected big time.

1 – Don’t Buy Backlinks

This is a ditch most impatient bloggers fall into. There are very many companies out there that sell lots of backlinks for less money. Ever since Google realized people were buying backlinks to improve their rank, a lot of websites have faced their penalty because they strongly discourage this. Never buy backlinks.

2 – Don’t Spam Websites and Forums

You shouldn’t think of spamming blogs and forums with links of your webpage because it will hurt your ranking the more. You are free to post a few links on corresponding topics on various forums but avoid over doing it.


1 – Write Quality Content

Our main goal is to naturally get people to link to our website but in reality, no one is going to link to a poor quality web page or blog. The whole idea behind building backlinks stretches from here. The content you write will not only get you quality backlinks but also shape your blog and earn you numbers of readers. Quality content can also be shared or referenced on other reputable blogs which usually results into quality backlinks.

2 – Post on Forums

You can post excerpts of your posts on several forums and link back to the main article in case the forums don’t mind guests posting links. Some forums restrict links but others do accept them. While posting links for your articles, please make sure the topic of the forum you are posting to corresponds with the topic of your article. This way users won’t find it hard to click on your links.

3 – Submit your website on Web Directories

There are very many web directories you can submit your website to. Examples of these include: Google Directory, Bing Directory, AOL Directory and Yahoo Directory. One drawback on this is not all directories will accept you to submit your website for free. Some are free and some are paid implicating if you have some extra cash to spend on listing then you can opt for it knowing it’s worth it in the end.

4 – Sponsor your Posts

Since the birth of Native Advertising, it’s become easier to sponsor your posts on other blogs. Some blogs charge huge sums of money to keep your article or sponsored post on their website for eternity which is also a good way of fetching backlinks. It’s recommended to promote your posts on websites with over 80% page rank. That way the Backlinks earned will have extreme impact on your organic ranking.

5 – Add sharing buttons to your posts

Lastly, try adding sharing buttons on your blog posts to enable users to easily share your content on social networks and emails. If you are using WordPress then there are a lot of plugins already in place that can help you archive this otherwise, you have to code it from scratch or alternatively try embedding ‘Add This’.

These five ways can generate you all the backlinks you want if at all the right thing is done. Now, don’t know how many backlinks your blog has picked up so far? You can check backlinks here.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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