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Best Website Hosting site? My Top Pick & Review

Who wouldn’t want to host their websites on the best web hosting servers? As a matter of fact, we always want the best performances for our websites reason why we opt for some providers and leave out the rest. This is because we believe they will deliver the services we want! So which is the best website hosting site? I would call this question tricky since the industry has a couple of website hosting services and to be honest, no host will deliver the best for all the respective services. So what are the services i am referring to? Well if you have been around the web hosting lane for long then these terms shouldn’t be new to you. The web hosting services i am talking about include; Shared Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

Of course i wouldn’t say the list above is complete. Those are just some of the common hosting services that most web hosts sell on the web today and for that reason, i am not going to single out one particular host and claim they dominate the list. I am basically going to single out a couple of them and list their strengths (services they provide best) so that you are able to make a choice as per the web hosting service you might want to sign up for.

By the way, before i move an inch you ought to know that there is nothing like the best website hosting site. Even the biggest brands will have a couple of flaws in some sectors of what they provide or rather might not sell all the services. I believe the best web hosting site is one that works perfectly for you with minimal errors and far less limitations considering the brand is reputable. See my top picks below; I will keep updating the list if any host steps up.

Best Shared Web Hosting site – InMotion Hosting

I would term shared hosting as the most wallet-friendly kind of web hosting on the web today. A shared Web hosting server powers multiple sites that all share the same CPU resources implicating if one site consumes a lot of resources it affects the others too. Some providers have managed to beat this and still provide just enough resources for sites hosted on their shared platform. I would go with InMotion Hosting all day because of the stability and speed of their shared servers.

See prices here

Best VPS Host – Liquid Web

Any website that receives 2000+ daily hits is recommended to use Virtual Private Servers for their hosting. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting guarantees a complete account isolation and you don’t have to share a server with anyone else. For VPS i wouldn’t resist for an inch to recommend Liquid Web because of their outstanding services and support. Their services are quite affordable too.

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Best Managed WordPress Host – Bluehost

Managed WordPress hosting was specifically crafted to make life easy for WordPress users. This new type of web hosting has since become a very common option especially among WordPress bloggers. If you have less time to update your WordPress installation and want professional WordPress support then this kind of hosting should definitely be for you. Being the officially recommended WordPress web hosting company, i would definitely go with Bluehost. Their plans start as low as $10 a month.

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Best Dedicated Host – Liquid Web

Dedicated hosting is a very good choice if you run that site that generates very high traffic and aim to maintain the best load time performance. I would still choose Liquid Web for dedicated hosting. All their plans include free incoming bandwidth, a free choice of OS, custom configurations with SSDs and quick monitoring, Auto-migrations, backups, and 24/7 Sonar Monitoring. Their dedicated hosting plans start from as low as $129 per month.

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Best Cloud Host – HostGator

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Don’t be moved so easily because of certain unrealistic marketing ploys that web hosting companies adopt recently but rather try to browse through for web hosting reviews before you make a final purchase from any web hosting provider.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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  1. kristen

    Which web hosting provider is best, That’s thing strikes in anyone mind. I am also using web hosting services around 5 years and I am using the Hostgator web hosting services. Hostgator is the best web hosting and domain name provider. I am also satisfied from your experts that’s you shown in your blog post.
    Keep sharing such interesting blog post. I always watch your latest updated that you did on your website.

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