How Contentmart Develops Quality Writers for the Benefit of Clients

Contentmart – The Best Connector: Contentmart is a website that is known for being one of the best content marketplace for both writers and clients. Clients are provided with a host of freelance content writers having adequate experience in writing styles and subjects. Clients are able to choose from more than 62,000 freelance content writers, who are well versed in writing on topics as diverse as technical to philosophical, business to economics, literature to non-fiction and sports to real estate and many more.


Contentmart is a an online content marketplace that offers a very simple and transparent method of bringing the clients and the writers together. For the clients, there is the huge choice of writers to choose from for specific content requirements and for the freelance content writers there is the opportunity to write on different subjects for a variety of clients. Contentmart facilitates the two to come together on the platform to discover a durable client-writer relationship that can be nurtured. The website offers a robust platform for mutual understanding to ensure both client and writer are comfortable with each other in respect of prices, submissions, amendments, acceptance and payments. Contentmart interacts with clients and writers quite proactively and helps in resolving issues whenever they arise. Contentmart has also added translation services to its bouquet of services.

How To Place An Order?

Clients can follow the steps given in the image below to place their order and avail services from Contentmart.


Pool of High Quality Writers

A freelance content writer registers on the website as a beginner. The writer follows the guidelines laid out by Contentmart and provides all the information in regard to the writer’s credentials through a profile. The writer is required to take the Standard English test to determine the suitability to write in English. The beginner can apply for jobs posted on the website.

After gaining experience the writer is motivated to advance to the next level, which is the experienced level. For this level the freelance content writer is required to take the Intermediate English test as well as submit an essay on a topic chosen from the options given by Contentmart. Additionally, the writer is required to secure 3 orders and obtained a rating of 4 or higher. On achieving these milestones the writer is accorded the title of experienced writers.

From the experienced writer level to the verified writer level, additional requirements are to be met. They include passing the Advanced English test. The freelance content writer is required to have secured 10 or more orders and should have delivered at least 80 percent of these orders. The writer needs to create at least 3 portfolios and provide samples of writing in these portfolios. The writer is also required to obtain a rating of 4.2 or higher and more importantly not received any warnings. On reaching these milestones the writer qualifies to become a verified writer.

Contentmart monitors the progress of verified writers and evaluates them based on certain parameters. From this pool of monitored verified writers, Contentmart handpicks several writers to designate them as handpicked writers or super-professional writers. Clients can hire professional writers from this pool as per their requirement. Often, Contentmart recommends handpicked writers to clients. Thus, Contentmart creates a pool of high quality freelance writers that clients can access.

Keeping Clients and Writers Up to Date

Contentmart keeps the clients and writers well informed through its blogs and updates on content writing through interesting articles. It also provides a facility wherein clients can hire content writers through personal orders without going through the bidding process.

Contentmart: The Best Marketplace for Writers and Clients

The efforts of Contentmart towards nurturing excellent writing talent is aimed at providing the best content writing services to its clients so that they are more than satisfied with the output of the writers. An important aspect of Contentmart’s service is the fact that it does not charge any fees to the client. Contentmart makes its earnings from commissions earned from the writers. Thus, serving the clients is the central focus of Contentmart’s efforts.

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