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Factors that Affect Google Adsense CPC

A bunch of bloggers who make money with Google Adsense have thrown various questions regarding how to increase Adsense CPC but fact is so many factors affect Google Adsense Cost Per Click, reason why some blogs will earn more than others in terms of clicks. If you manage to play around with the factors i have listed below then you might easily increase your Google Adsense CPC which means better Google Adsense earnings too.

What factors affect Google Adsense CPC

I currently have several blogs on the internet that differ in terms of traffic and niche. Some have a higher Adsense cost per click average than the rest even with less traffic. They actually bring in more Adsense revenue than the ones with massive traffic. This because Google considers a lot of factors before determining a CPC in Adsense. I have managed to list down some of the factors that i believe greatly affect Google Adsense CPC.


A niche is simply a category that your website falls in. If you write about entertainment then your niche is entertainment, if you write about technology then your niche is technology and so on. Some niches attract extremely high CPC and you will find a couple of high paying CPC keywords for it but others don’t. The Adsense income per 1000 visitors daily from a website that writes about domains will be way higher than for a website that writes about entertainment or fashion. This is because the domain niche attracts high CPC (one of the highest CPC). Some of the niches that attract high CPC are:

  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Domains
  • Web Hosting
  • Automobile

The bids and competition in such niches are extremely high reason why they pay high CPC to compete for the top spot. If you write topics that fall in such niches you will earn you high CPC from your Ads but note that it’s not easy to get traffic in such niches due to the competition. If you don’t adopt a good SEO strategy then it might take you years to rank for certain keywords.

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Domain Authority & Page Rank

This is one of the lesser known factors that affect Google Adsense CPC. Websites that score high on the Domain Authority and Page Rank scale will undoubtedly get high CPC compared to websites that score low. Using Domain Authority and Page Rank, Google Adsense bots can easily determine high quality websites and low quality websites then know where to place low paying ads and where to place high paying ads. A website like Daily Mail UK will not earn the same CPC as a 1 year old website.

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Geographical Traffic

Traffic from countries like USA, Canada, UK usually convert into high CPC as compared to traffic from Asian countries. To prove this, you can analyze the average Google Adsense CPC by country by filtering your earnings by country in your Adsense dashboard and see the average figure each county pays you per click. You will notice that most of your high CPCs are coming from US traffic. So how exactly does geographical target affect Google Adsense CPC? Advertisers from such countries usually bid high on ads or perhaps their currency is far stronger than most currencies around the world. And besides, Google Adsense bots show ads basing on a locale meaning a user from Nigeria or Uganda will not see ads targeted for US because they are irrelevant to them unless the advertiser targets a global market. If most of your users are from US then Ads meant for their locale will be shown to them and their clicks usually converts to high CPC. Your average income from Adsense will shoot if you start writing posts that target US traffic.

Website Quality

The quality of your website also matter when it comes to determining CPC. Google is out to reward high quality websites and if you run a low quality website then you will always notice an Adsense CPC drop. Below are some of the qualities that define high quality websites.

  • High Domain Authority
  • High Page Rank
  • Fast Page-load time
  • High Coding Standards (Use HTML Validator to check your site)
  • High Quality Content
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Quality Traffic

Websites that match all the criteria above are considered to be high quality and receive high CPC on their Ads. Such websites also rank extremely well in search engine.


The visitors on your blog use different platforms to access the web. Some use Mobile, some use Desktop and some use Tablets. From what i have seen, high quality ads are shown mostly to mobile users meaning it’s very vital to make your website mobile friendly. Platforms do affect Google Adsense CPC but to a lesser extent that’s why i mentioned it last.

Like said earlier, so many factors affect Google Adsense CPC and above are some of the most common of them. I have left out some factors because i believe they aren’t so relevant and their impact is extremely low. If you are getting very low CPC on your blog then i suggest you read the best ways to increase Adsense CPC.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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