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Vital factors to consider before choosing a Web Host

Before opting for webhosting, you have to consider a lot of factors about the web host else you might move among a few web hosts before you find a host that gives you the best web hosting.

I currently host my sites on good hosting companies like JustHost, SiteGround and BlueHost but also tried InterServer and Hostgator in the past. If you ask me to recommend for you good web hosting companies, i would definitely ask you to sign up with either BlueHost, SiteGround or A2 Hosting. Alternatively, you can check out this list of the best web hosting providers at the moment.

Factors to consider in a Web Host

You should never ignore the factors below when opting for a web host. The best web host is one that provides all these factors in their service. So many factors can be considered when it comes to choosing a web host for your website but listed below are the most important.


You have to analyze the resource usage of your website. When i talk of resources i mean CPU and Memory allotments, bandwidth, disk space and more. There’s no point signing up with a web host that won’t provide enough server resources to run your website. Most hosting companies will promise you unlimited bandwidth but truth is most of them have restrictions and only a few deliver their word. For the best performance of your website, you need enough resources to run it. This should be one of the biggest considerations in a web host.


The cost factor also matters but this increases with the resources you need to smoothly run your website. If you receive over 2000 visitors on your blog daily, you might have to sign up for VPS hosting which is quite expensive than shared hosting. Never be afraid of investing in good hosting because the end result is worth it but rather be extremely cautious when signing up for cheap web hosting from hosting companies with unclear reputations.

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Support Services

You should sign up with a Web Host that offers good tech support services. You have to check out their means of support and how responsive they are when tickets are opened. You should be able to reach for support by phone, live chat or email at any time of the day. Some hosting companies have toll free numbers for customers within certain regions which is a good advantage if you fall in such regions. I recommend signing up for a web host you can reach through the means i mentioned above. You might sign up for the best web hosting but you’ll still need good support services.


Online reviews can help you determine the reputation of a web host which is a step forward to analyzing their services. If a hosting company has top web hosting reviews then that alone should prove to you that their services are extra good. Most customers share their experiences online (good and bad) by reviewing web hosting companies, such reviews can also help you determine the costs associated with a web host you are about to sign up with and make you much aware of it. One of the best reputation web hosting companies i always recommend are BlueHost and SiteGround, they are always among the top on web hosting sites reviews.


Talking from my personal experience, i once installed a WordPress plugin that corrupted a few relevant tables in my database. I tried to repair the tables to fix the problem which indeed worked but i realized i lost some data in the process. I had to restore a fresh backup of my database to recover all the lost data. Daily server backups are very vital and ensures you always have a copy of your web files. The web host you opt for should be able to backup your entire account including your database daily so that in case of any problems you are able to restore a fresh copy of your website. It’s not easy to build and feed a website with content, you have to be sure your content will always be online and the only way to this is by opting for a web host that does daily server backups. Good thing is most of the hosting companies offer the best online backup services but usually at an extra cost.

What do you always consider before choosing a web host? do you know any more vital factors to consider before choosing a web host? please feel free to share them below. If you like this article, don’t forget to spread the word by sharing it.

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