Google Adsense Smart Pricing

Facts about Google Adsense Smart Pricing

If you have been using Google Adsense for long then i believe you should be familiar with the word ‘Smart Price’. So what is smart pricing in Adsense? Google Adsense smart pricing was designed by Google to raise an advertiser’s confidence in their Adsense monetization network.

Google assumes all advertisers need at least a result from their clicks meaning if the click is less likely to result into a sale, purchase or subscription then Google is likely to charge an advertiser less than the proposed fee.

So what happens when most of the clicks from your website don’t yield any business result on the advertiser’s end? You will keep getting low CPCs from your ads for as long as you don’t attend to the issue. This is the whole idea behind Google Adsense smart pricing.

However, there is misconception about Google making a lot of money from smart priced accounts. This is not true, in fact Google makes less income since advertisers are charged less money from their campaigns.

If you have ever received high CPC clicks on your adverts and all of a sudden you saw a decrease then there is a high probability of your account being smart priced. One other bad thing that might hurt you is this features affects the whole account and not just websites implicating one website can affect all your websites that why it’s recommended to always check with the websites you place google ads on.

Causes of Google Adsense Smart Pricing

So what kind of websites are likely to be smart priced? Listed below are the factors that are likely to risk your Adsense account for Google Adsense smart pricing. Alternatively if these factors are avoided then you might keep enjoying high CPC clicks.

Violating Google Adsense TOS

Websites that violate Google Adsense Terms of Service are usually banned but in some cases the ban might not come right away. Your account might be smart priced for sometime before getting a ban.

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Low and poor Traffic

Most bloggers nowadays rely on social media for traffic which isn’t a bad thing except if the it’s traffic percentage exceed your organic search percentage. Truth is organic search brings in more targeted traffic that social media does implicating users from search engines are likely to yield a business result in case they click on Google ads. And also avoid placing google ads on websites that receive extremely low traffic. First work on your traffic before considering Ad placements on it

Writing Poor Content

Quality content usually attracts quality organic traffic and quality google ads while poor content doesn’t yield any positives. Clicks on quality ads usually result into a business result. So what kind of content do you have on your blog? I’ve always emphasized minding every article you put out there for your readers and perhaps, it’s not good making money at the expense of your readers.

Duplicate Content

Every duplicate content you have on your website is affecting you to a certain degree. Usually when google realized any plagiarism case then your posts are automatically dragged down the search engine making it hard for them to rank. Make sure you have no duplicate content on your blog if you are to raise the value of your website before Google.

With Google Adsense smart pricing, high quality websites are rewarded more as compared to low quality websites. If this feature wasn’t in place then very many low quality websites would be making a lot of money from Adsense at the expense of Google’s advertisers.

Despite it’s repercussion on your earnings, Google Adsense smart pricing is not permanent just that it takes some good time for the ban to be lifted from your account. Have you been smart priced? No need to panic.

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