Fake Adsense Revenue Report

How to create a Fake Adsense Revenue Report

If you are looking for some of the best ways of monetizing your blog today, Google Adsense is sure one of those top blog monetization schemes you can enroll on your blog for good earnings.

Adsense operates on PPC (Pay Per Click) implicating whenever a user clicks on an advert on your web page, Google commissions you for the click.

I would also say Adsense is the best PPC network apparently and there is no doubt about it. It is one of the best ways to kick off a blog monetization journey for newbie bloggers.

It is not easy to earn a fortune from Adsense unless you are extremely hardworking, smart-working and patient. There are so many reports on the web that show huge Adsense earnings that shouldn’t move you and you are pretty sure of the source.

So many bloggers nowadays create Fake Adsense revenue reports to earn trust from readers and surprisingly, it works out big. Most of these readers often give in their trust and loyalty which in turn benefits the blogger in various ways.

Today i am going to earn $180.29, i am also going to show you how i earned $210.84 yesterday, $3000.62 in the last 7 days $5000.21 so far this month with a balance of $7100.68 and last payment of $11,600.55. Please see screenshot below;

Fake Adsense Revenue Report

Phew! Crazy figures right there. I would say what you see above is every Google Adsense publisher’s dream but only few manage to raise figures close to that monthly. Honestly, i have never earned anything 7 times close to that for all the years i run Adsense ads on my blogs. In actual sense, the dashboard looks like the snapshot below;

Fake Adsense Revenue Report

As you may see above, most of the figures are $0 because i no longer use Google Adsense on any of my sites no more. I earned thousands of dollars from Google years ago until i had to make Affiliate Marketing my primary source of income.

With such figures, you would not fail probably hail me and visit my site more often for Adsense hacks. You would definitely recommend me too and you know how i gain? I have a new loyal follower (s) who brings in a small amount of traffic each and every other day to my site.

If you try to compare the current Adsense dashboard with the screenshot above, you realize there is hardly any difference. The performance section on the fake Adsense report looks white because all figures are up to 0 and i decided to white-wash it from the rest of the sections.

So how did i earn all this Adsense income?

If you are able to make a few tweaks on your browser then you will be able to create a fake Adsense report that reads hundreds of thousands of dollars with a lot of ease. I assume you have at least some basic knowledge of html! If you don’t, you can still create a fake report only if you follow exactly what i illustrate here.

All you have to do is login to your dashboard, right click on the figure you would like to alter, and then click on inspect.

Fake Adsense Revenue Report

The developer tools pane should pop up and you will be able to see the figures in plain html code. Now all you have to do is double click on the figure, enter any figure you like and click any where on the page to update it.

Fake Adsense Revenue Report

When you enter your desired figure and click away from the developer tools pane you should notice a change on the figure you right clicked on. You have to repeat the same procedure for all the figures you would like to change until all figures are updated.

In this example i entered $100 under the current day’s estimated earnings as illustrated on the screenshot below;

Fake Adsense Revenue Report

Do not trust every Adsense report you see out there especially the ones with very huge earnings unless you trust the blogger. It is very easy to fool newbie bloggers with such stunts and most of them often fall prey of them very easily.

The figures you see on the fake report are not easy to earn in the Adsense world. I am not saying it is impossible to garner such huge income as an Adsense publisher but it takes quite a whole chunk of work and probably millions of hits on your website monthly with majority being organic.

If you are saddened by your current earnings then you shouldn’t despair either. These tips can help you increase Adsense revenue within a short time but remember nothing comes the easy way with Adsense.

As i mentioned earlier on, i no longer use Google Adsense on any site of mine. I realized i could make more from less traffic with Affiliate marketing and it is currently working out for me.

What is the highest you have earned from Google Adsense? Do you consider it as a primary source of income? Share your thoughts below.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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