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Tips for getting fast Adsense approval for a blog

It took me three days to get my first Adsense approval years ago and luckily enough i have maintained the same account up to today. It was a fast Google Adsense approval and funny thing is, by the time i applied for Google Adsense i didn’t know so much about the program and didn’t follow any Adsense approval tips. I didn’t even know how to get an Adsense account but i had previously seen similar ads on other blogs. All i did was apply and expected to wait for about two weeks for an approval but surprisingly, on the third day i say an email confirming i had been approved.

I have helped many get fast Adsense approval and i will help the person reading this post too. Some people testified to getting Adsense approval in just two days which is way possible if you put everything in place.

How do we get fast Adsense approval

Looking for how to get Google Adsense approval within 4 days? What you should know is so many factors influence or delay Adsense approval. In this article i cite out the most common and important of such factors and a few tips that can help you get fast Adsense approval for your blog. You might follow a bunch of Adsense approval tricks but believe me, if the points below are emphasized you should be able to get an Adsense account approval within 4 days maximum.

Have a Privacy Policy Page

If you are thinking of getting fast Adsense approval then you ought to have a privacy policy statement on your blog indicating Google cookie usage. What you should know is Google uses cookies to display adverts on your website and they expect each and every publisher to notify their readers about this. When a user visits a website that displays Google Ads, a cookie may be stored on the user’s browser. Lacking a privacy policy page has also been named among the top reasons why publishers get banned from Adsense. What you should also know is some publishers get lucky and get fast Adsense approval without a privacy policy page but i would advise you to take the gamble.

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Age of Blog

In some countries like India, you can only get Adsense approval if your blog is more than 6 months old. This is not the case with most countries but still, a blog that is less than a month old might find it hard to get fast Adsense approval. Maintain your blog for at least a month before thinking of applying for Adsense but if you fall within the few Asian countries that need to meet the 6 months requirement then i suggest you wait for that time frame before thinking of applying for an Adsense account. That is also enough time to feed your website with a good number of relevant articles.

From what i have noticed, most Indian publishers that apply for Adsense after the 6 months required span usually get fast Adsense approval.

Meet the minimum number of articles

To get fast Adsense approval, make sure your blog has at least 40 articles. Having less articles might delay the process. What you should also know is all those articles have to be original and not just a copy and paste from other websites. Google is totally against duplicate content and you should stay away from it. If you are running an aggregator website you have to clearly indicate it on your terms and conditions page.

Besides, If you have sufficient content on your blog then you should be able to get fast Adsense approval.

Have a good standing Google Account

New Google accounts usually don’t get fast Adsense approval compared to old ones. If you have an account that has been active for a couple of years then you can use it to apply for Adsense. New accounts do get approval supposing the requirements are met but it’s uncommon for them to get fast Adsense approval.

Have a good website design and user interface

You are not going to get fast Adsense approval if your blog has a poor design and bad user interface. Make sure you have a good theme that gives your blog a good design, user interface and makes your website load faster. You can check out my guide that elaborates more on how to choose the best theme for a blog.

Have Decent Traffic

Google does analyse traffic for every website. One of the practices they discourage most is buying traffic. If your website has a bad traffic source or it you know you bought traffic for your blog then i recommend you wait for sometime before thinking of applying for a Google Adsense account. You won’t get fast Adsense approval is your traffic is not decent.

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There are just so many guides that will show you how to get approved for Google Adsense in just days but most of them will rotate around the points i mentioned above. The tips above should raise your chances of getting fast Adsense approval and make you make money with Google Adsense. In case you don’t get an approval right away, keep making adjustments on your blog then try to apply over and over again until you get accepted. Getting fast Adsense approval isn’t hard if everything is put right.

Do you make money with Adsense? Did you get fast Adsense approval for your blog? how many days and attempts did it take? please share your experience with us.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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