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Ways to Get Free Twitter Followers Very Fast

Want to get free Twitter followers very fast? I have an arsenal of 20 untapped and legit ways of achieving this within a short span.

With over 328 Million monthly users, I would say Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most essential social platforms that every business must be part of. Just like other platforms, having more users on Twitter means more business, traffic or exposure for your business hence, very crucial to grow your followers as far as you can go. It can be a very good tool for business and can help you gain competitive advantage if used the right way.

Twitter can help you generate lots of leads for your business, strengthen your brand and build several connections with other circles. The sad part is if you have few or no followers at all, you can hardly enjoy all these great opportunities.

If you are looking to double or triple your followers base, i explain some of the 20 most effective ways to get free followers on Twitter very fast. These hacks are legit and if used the right way can grow you thousands of followers within a short time.

Please stay away from those Apps you see online that will promise you a chunk of followers for a low cost. Where as some of them deliver their promise, there is no use getting non-targeted followers for your business.

These followers will hardly convert to any sale and can easily unfollow you. When a user organically finds your page, they follow you because they expect or have something in common with you and that way, they will be of much influence to you.

Below are just some of the legit ways to increase your followers on Twitter.

1 – Follow more people and get followed back

When you follow more people, you are likely to get followed back by the same people or any users who follow them. The best target is people with a few followers since the ones who are followed by so many hardly follow back people who just followed them.

2 – Tweet more often

Sending out a good number of tweets each day doesn’t hurt you. Well it does when you tweet non-targeted staff and could cost you followers. Tweeting more often should mean tweeting the kind of stuff your followers prefer to see or hear about. If you are well established in the health niche, try keeping your topics close to that and that way you will sure get more retweets and engagements and so on. Do not ever go off topic.

Tweet less during working hours and more on weekends to get more engagements. Timing your tweets right will definitely increase your visibility.

3 – Socialize

Twitter is called a social network for a reason. Get out there and socialize more often and you should see people following you. Feel good about meeting new people, interacting with them, retweeting their stuff and mentioning them often. Fact is no one likes boring people on social platforms and the mere fact that you are a fun person will earn you loads of free followers.

Retweet other peoples tweets and like them often. You could also share solid ideas with the people you engage with and they should feel more attached to you. If you have less time to tweet, social tools like SproutSocial and Hootsuite should help you schedule your tweets.

4 – Become a problem solver

The world is always centered around problems and will forever be. Have you thought of taking advantage of this to gain followers on Twitter? Well, this is how it works! Irrespective of the niche you established yourself in, try to be that person many will trust with their problems and believe in. Only challenge is you ought to make sure your solutions work else your followers will lose trust in you or even not recommend you at all.

One thing i know is when you solve a problem, the person you helped will recommend you to the next person they find with the same problem. At Tutorial FAQ, most users who read my tutorials and get their issues fixed instantly subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social platforms as well.

5 – Optimize your Twitter Bio

Biographies do help much especially in scenarios when several other names match yours. It is a good place to tell your followers what you do or describe yourself for what you are known for. You ought to make sure that whatever you write here is professional and captivating. If you can, write out something interesting about yourself or business.

6 – Place widgets on your website

Do not let users visit your website and go away like that. Place follow buttons or other widgets at good positions so that they can follow you easily. The placements matters so much here! If you place the buttons at places that are not easily seen then your conversion might be relatively low.

Some of the hot spots for placing twitter follow buttons are; right below the content, on the header or sidebar depending on the layout of your user interface. It might be hard for you to locate a spot that really works for you hence, you ought to keep adjusting until you find one that works fine for you.

7 – Mention influential users

Mention influential users within your niche in your tweets often. One of them could retweet your tweet someday and earn you thousands of followers in minutes.

To increase your chances of getting retweeted, talk about the hot stuff trending in your niche or rather try to jab him with what he likes . You do not have to over do it, just keep it minimal.

8 – Run Promos and Giveaways

Buy something cool and run a promotion for it. Need ideas to this? You could come up with a challenge and ask your followers to retweet it with a specific hashtag and mention then try to reward the followers with the most retweets within the given span.

Make sure the gift is super cool and worthy it if you are to keep the engagement at a high level. For a tech blog, it wouldn’t hurt investing thousands of dollars to purchase a few pieces of iPhone 7s and running a promotion based on them as the ultimate giveaway. It is definitely pricey but could earn me more from the new followers i would get.

9 – Engage your other community

Are you already established on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus or any other? Sharing your tweets on such platforms can make it easy for your other followers to locate you on Twitter. Ask them to follow you on Twitter occasionally.

You could also place your Twitter profile link on all your other social platforms’ respective pages to make it easy for users to find you.

10 – Your friends could help too

We all have those kind of friends who are followed by so many people. If you do not have some then you are not that social kind of person. Ask these friends to recommend you on their profiles and you should get a whole bunch of followers free.

If you want to know this works, watch celebrities closely especially the ones who open up social media accounts for their children. These celebrity kids can even get hundreds of thousands of followers in just a few days because their parents who are followed by so many asked their followers to follow them.

11 – Use Twiends

With millions of users worldwide, Twiends will let you join their website at no cost and earn seeds that you can instead use to increase your exposure on the platform and get more Twitter followers. Seeds are a medium of getting people to follow others via their platform.

If you follow a user on Twiends, they earn more seeds. These sane seeds can be used to spike your visibility and increase followers on Twitter. Twiends offers exposure and nothing else. It does not sell Twitter followers and if used well can get you a bunch of real followers.

12 – Post and Share Memes and Quotes

Memes attract more user engagement often and can be a great way to get yourself out there. Creativity is key here! You can choose to create your own or look for nice ones on the internet that aren’t common. Share at least 3 – 5 of these each day with your hashtag and mention in the excerpt or description.

13 – Break the News

A lot of good and bad stuff happen around the world lately. Be among the first to share news in your niche always to your followers but keep it true. This way your followers will retweet your posts and cite you as the source. The biggest deal that can come out of this is when popular media houses or public figures retweet you.

Do not share something you aren’t sure about because it does just the opposite – Kills trust and makes it hard for followers to believe in your stories again. You might have instincts of being true but being patient and first verifying the news could save you a lot.

14 – Share Hot and viral stuff

There isn’t a doubt that viral stuff get a lot of engagements. This can be a great way to grow followers but could cost you followers at the same time especially if you start posting stuff that is off topic. Many people lose it here and you shouldn’t be among that circle.

Post ethical viral stuff that is relevant to your readers and make sure you do not over do it. Sharing a relevant post in 2 or three days should just be fine. It might not come easy at first but trust me, you will nail a jackpot one day when one of your posts floods Twitter.

15 – Include Keywords in your Twitter Bio

Including keywords in your Twitter biography can rank your profile in search engines. Try to list your services or rather important information about you that users can easily use to locate you. When the exact keywords are queried in search engines, your profile could show up and users can easily follow you.

16 – Hashtags are very relevant

A hashtag defines your brand on social media. Innovate a rare hashtag that your followers can use when interacting with you. Also, maintain such hashtags whenever you tweet to keep your followers engaged and increase your visibility as well.

Another way you can take advantage of hashtags is when you retweet trending posts with their respective hashtags. This way, people who are searching for the same topic on Twitter can easily find your post and follow you or retweet you.

17 – Ask your followers to Retweet your stuff

Asking your followers to retweet your posts definitely increases your visibility and could earn you followers too. Be kind and ask often and you should receive.

18 – Posts with images engage more

Avoid keeping your posts too plain, try sharing a few images as well. Images are more engaging than plain posts and you should take advantage of them. A study also proved that images get more retweets, followed by posts with links and then plain posts.

19 – Upload your email contacts

Do you have a huge email list? You could import this list to Twitter to find people to connect with. This will help you easily locate people you know in real life.

20 – Twitter Ads

I have saved the very best for the last. If you have the finances, do not hesitate to use Twitter ads to get followers. It might be pricey but trust me, you will get a lot of genuine targeted followers who are likely to convert into potential customers for your business.

There are so many ways you can get free Twitter followers for your business and above are just some of them. All the strategies above are very effective and will help you grow your followers if done the right way. Do you feel like i have left out something? Do you know any other better way of growing free Twitter followers? Please feel free to share with us below.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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