How to grow blog traffic using SumoMe

SumoMe is a collection of free tools that can be of great use when it comes to growing traffic on your blog. These tools have both free and paid plans and as always, the paid plans usually have more functionalities than the free plan. SumoMe in a product of a company known as AppSumo.

The tools on SumoMe are grouped into six categories: Email (List Builder, Scroll Box, Smart Bar and Welcome Mat), Analytics (Google Analytics, Content Analytics and Heat Maps), Sharing (Share, Image Sharer and Highlighter), Traffic (Discover), Communicate (Contact Form) and E-Commerce (Buy Button).

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How do we Grow traffic using SumoMe

Am going to explain how to use some of the tools above to grow your blog’s traffic but i recommend you first sign up for a free account with SumoMe. You can as well upgrade later on if you are satisfied with their services. Not all the tools above will grow traffic on your blog but most of them will do. The main focus of this article is to learn how to grow traffic using SumoMe implicating i will only cite out the tools you need to grow your blog traffic.

Email Tools

If you are looking for how to get subscribers for your blog, SumoMe has a collection of email toold that will help you build your subscribers base. There are four tools under the email category that will help you get more subscribers or social followers for your blog. Email marketing is very crucial when it comes to blogging. Imagine 500 users visit your blog everyday and you capture at least 20 emails, that will mean 200 emails after 10 days and 2000 after 100 days. These are your readers and you can always drive them back to your website through email campaigns. Besides, having over 400,000 subscribers on your blog means getting assured traffic from most of them whenever you publish a new post and share it with them. SumoMe currently has four email builder tools which are:

  • List Builder Tool. The SumoMe List Builder tool is a popup that usually pops when a user tries to navigate away from the web page. This is one of the best and highest converting email marketing tools you can use to retain the visitors that visit your blog. It’s a free list builder tool but the pro version unlocks more great features.
  • Scroll Box. The scroll box SumoMe tool can be positioned to appear either on the Bottom Right (Highly Recommended), Bottom Left, Top Left and Top Right. It’s one of my favorite SumoMe email tools and i use it more often especially to grow my social media followers base.
  • Welcome Mat. Welcome Mat is a good email tool as well but can cost you visitors in some cases. When some visitors visit your blog, the expect to see the main website but Welcome Mat displays a full web page with a selected call to action which might scare your visitors away.
  • Smart Bar. The smart bar is a fixed bar that is positioned to the top of your browser’s window. I haven’t really seen it convert well but it does in some occasions. You can think of giving it a try as well.

Of the four tools listed above, i suggest you settle with only one. I personally use the scroll box tool more than any other SumoMe email tool and from my experience, the list builder tool converts more when collecting email subscribers where as the scroll box is best for getting social media followers. I recommend you activate those two tools for the best results.

What you should know is all these tools support almost all the email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp, Get Response and so many more. Unfortunately, the free SumoMe plan limits you to only 1 design and with access to a maximum of 7 days analytical data. The best and most attractive designs are available for the pro SumoMe plan.

Sharing Tools

Amongs’t all types of traffic, Social traffic is the easiest to get and can boost your blog’s ranking within a short period of time. SumoMe has a couple of tools that can increase social traffic on your blog. The tools include:

  • Share
  • Image Sharer
  • Highlighter

The Share tool lets users share your posts on a wide range of social networks and platforms. SumoMe supports over 60 platforms where your posts can be shared. You can choose the best platforms you believe will convert the posts shared but make sure you include the big platforms: Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, WhatsApp, Email, Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. This tool should be enabled on your Blog to increase social engagement.

The Image Sharer SumoMe tool lets images on your blog to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Yummly. It’s a very good tool and can generate you extra traffic from images. From my personal experience, most of the shares from the Image Sharer SumoMe tool are Pinterest shares. You should also enable it on your blog.

The Highlighter SumoMe tool adds a sharing box to texts highlighted from your web page content enabling visitors to share highlighted texts on social media. It can be a great tool to boost up your social traffic and i suggest you activate it as well. This free highlighter app can boost social engagements on your blog especially for news websites.

Traffic Tools

This tool is similar to MGID. The Discover SumoMe tool is more of a traffic exchange tool. You can either add a grid or scroll box with posts from other websites on your blog and usually when your visitors click on the posts you earn credit. The earned credit lets your posts appear on other websites and when your post get a click, a certain amount of credit is deducted from your total earned credit. That’s basically how the Discover tool works but i wouldn’t advise you to enable it because of the following reasons:

  • Can get you poor Traffic
  • Can affect you SEO
  • Not allowed by Google Adsense
  • Takes Visitors away from your blog
  • Might annoy some of your readers

You can use the three categories of SumoMe tools i listed above to boost traffic on your blog. When the optimization is done right you should start seeing an increase in your traffic volume. Would you like to give SumoMe a shot?

Create your free SumoMe account here

If you are already a member i suggest you upgrade to any of their pro-plans to unlock more great features. You may also want to learn how to optimize your posts for Search Engine.

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