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Grow Instagram Followers in 15 Ways

Looking for how to get more Instagram followers free? In December 2016, Instagram hit a 600 Million monthly users milestone, doubling its size in just a span of 2 years. Instagram is not only a good place to store and share your photos online BUT a great platform to grow your business too. It is one of the most loved and used social networks at the moment through out the world implicating if you got more followers, this can mean more sales for your business, more page views and a large community as well. All these are great benefits you do not want to miss out on, partly why i share some of the most effective ways to grow thousands of Instagram followers very fast.

Whether you are doing it from scratch or trying to grow more followers for an already existing Instagram account, these tricks will work out pretty well and fast for you. The whole secret lies on engagement and how consistent you are on the social network else, you might just find a hard time growing followers.

Do not be among the circle that is always out there to buy Instagram followers or comments, this will hardly work for you and even if it did work, chances are high that you will get fake Instagram followers who will not be relevant to you.

Please see some of the 15 untapped ways that will help you get loads of Instagram followers very fast.

1 – Ask your followers to follow you

This is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to get real Instagram followers but requires you to have an existing online community. This community could be on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or else where. You simply have to ask your other followers to follow you on Instagram too, and not just once or twice but always consistently. The better way to this is by running a few promos on your respective community pages that will drive your followers attention.

2 – Like photographs in your niche

Liking photos of people you follow is one way of getting your name out there pretty fast especially when you target people with huge followers. This comes handy with comments too! Do not hesitate to drop several engaging comments after liking photos and it should be easy for other people to discover you. Like at least 7 – 10 photos on each account per day and watch yourself gain followers.

3 – Socialize

Instagram is called a social network for a reason. Endeavor to socialize with so many people you might get engaged with and make it a point too to respond to comments dropped on your photographs along with the ones you drop on other people’s accounts. Socializing will definitely increase your visibility on Instagram and instead earn you more authentic followers to interact with.

4 – Create a unique hashtag and use it often

A hashtag defines your brand on social media. Coming up with something unique will definitely enhance your brand the more and make it easier for other users to reach out to you as well. This is apparently one of the greatest ways of gaining fresh content for your Instagram account. Always encourage your followers to use your unique hashtag when posting content on their own accounts then try to repost their images on your account while giving them the deserved credit. That way, they will feel more engaged to you and you will suddenly notice your Instagram community growing bigger.

5 – Break the news

So many strange things happen in the world nowadays and quite many are bound to happen. Have you thought of taking advantage of this? You do not have to share every hot cake out there BUT being among the first to share news in your niche can gain you massive followers in a short span. Endeavor to use appropriate hashtags and mentions when sharing such news. Geotagging (adding location to your post) can be an added advantage as well as it will help get your news out there very fast.

6 – The “Follow – Unfollow” Technique

This sounds outdated but still works fine. This technique will let you play with Instagram’s Algo and get your name among the recommended people to follow on so many occasions. All you have to do is look for people with millions of followers then simply follow and unfollow them immediately. Keep repeating the same trick across all selected accounts everyday but do not over do it. Messing with 5 to 7 accounts should wrap up your day fine.

7 – Find out what your audience likes

Finding out what your audience likes and sharing what they prefer could make them recommend you to others. Besides, they are likely to get so engaged to your posts which will definitely increase your visibility. This is also a two way because sharing what they dislike could cause them to unfollow you. To be on a safer side, run a few polls on your account or other promos that can help you know the kind of stuff your audience likes and engage more often to then try to reflect your content within those findings.

8 – Create and Share Memes

Memes are so popular nowadays. You can use them to garner hundreds of thousands of followers overtime but depends on how creative you are. Sharing a few memes on your Instagram account each day should work out fine but endeavor to keep them to the topics your audience prefers. If possible, mention a few of your friends on each post to increase exposure.

9 – Post Viral Stuff

Viral Marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting yourself or business out there. Funny thing is you can never know what your breakthrough post will be because most of the times it just happens. Try to post viral stuff on your account more often and one of the posts should nail you a jackpot some day by going viral and getting you lots of new followers. Do not stick to photos only! Try posting a few viral videos as well without losing focus of your topic.

10 – Geotag your photographs

Geotagging means adding location to a each of the photos you share on your account. If you visited a cool place recently, make it a point to add location to each of the photographs you took and wish to share on Instagram. That way, people who visited the same place will find you easily and feel like they have something in common with you, which could further make them follow you.

11 – Your friends could help too

If you have any friends with huge followers, ask them to recommend you to their followers more often. I once saw a celebrity couple garner over 1 Million followers for an account they had created for their newly born baby in just a few days. The more the friends with huge followers who are likely to recommend you, the easier it will be for you to get so many followers quickly.

If you can, spend out a few bucks on celebrities and ask them to recommend your account. You should see the magic happen sooner than you thought only that you are likely to get a non-targeted audience if you liaise with celebrities outside your niche.

12 – Share Instagram posts on other social networks

Try sharing your Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter with proper hashtags and mentions to engage your other audience or communities. These people could click on your link, land on your account and follow you. You do not necessarily have to share every post. Only choose out a few that you know are likely to get good click-through-rates.

13 – Run a Contest

If you have something cool to give away, run a contest and reward the winners. You could decide to share a particular image and ask your followers to repost it with your desirable hashtag and mention in the caption then decide to reward the followers that shared most. To make this work out fine, make sure the giveaway is worth it. It could cost you a couple of dollars but will definitely earn you more followers.

14 – Post Quotes

Quotes are quite engaging and get reposted so much. There are millions of quotes on the internet apparently that you can share on your account. Tools like Canva can help you create outstanding photos with such quotes online in just a few minutes. Do not forget to include a visible hashtag and username right next to the quote.

15 – Pay for Instagram Ads

If you have the money, you could try out Instagram Ads. Instagram Ads are outstanding as regards boosting your online presence and performance on the social platform. These Ads will help you reach out to people within your niche who could be interested in buying your products or services.

Bonus Tip: Link your Instagram account on other social networks to make it easy for your other followers to locate you.

Folding it up

I just shared some of the 15 most effective ways of growing Instagram followers that should help you increase Instagram followers within a short span. As said previously, your consistency will determine how fast your followers will grow. Do not hesitate to put in the hard work each day.

You rather get authentic followers that you are sure will be relevant to your business than the ones who aren’t of interest to you. If you get real Instagram followers, you will also notice high click-through-rates and conversion.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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