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Add all friends to Facebook Group with Single Click

Wondering whether you can add all friends to Facebook group with a single click in 2020? Its possible to invite multiple friends to a Facebook Group with the new interface but if you are thinking of using any invite all script or any chrome extension, then you should be ready to face restrictions or get banned from Facebook.

This trick applies to all platforms. You can use it in Android Phones, iPhones or web. For phone platforms, your Facebook App needs to be up to date. Visit your respective App stores and update your App to the latest version.

Facebook has become very smart. The tricks that worked before hardly word nowadays and with time, things could get much tighter.

One thing that shocks me is Facebook keeps making stuff easy for their users. Previously we had to scroll through our friends list as we invite one by one. As for now, you can choose multiple friends and invite them with a single click.

Much as Facebook is becoming strict and smarter, they are actually putting consideration into features users would love to have.

I’d say the best way to apply any trick on Facebook right now is by going through the right procedures. Do not trust any script you find out there however safe they call them.

So lets look into safely adding all friends to Facebook group with a single click. I do not want you to get banned because getting a new account and building its trust is equally hard. So you rather stay safe.

Most groups nowadays verify members before approving them. Its very unlikely that you’ll find an open group. Open groups are prone to spam and tend to last for a short time. If you are adding friends to your own group, then you can opt for instant approval.

With this trick, you be able to add friends to your own Facebook group or other groups. In doing so, its better to first seek permission from people you wish to add; else they might flag you for spam. Sucks right? Yeah! But safety is everything.

People hate being added into groups without their permission. Actually in most cases, they join groups themselves out of interest.

As you may know, group posts show up a lot in news feed. You have to only join particular groups that share posts that interest you else you risk reading irritating stuff on your news feed.

This is exactly what everyone wants or tries to avoid.

How to safely invite all Facebook friends to a group

Step 1: The very first thing you need to do is open the Facebook Group that you intend to add users to.

Step 2: Click on the “Invite” button, select the friends you wish to add to the group and send out invites. The screenshot below shows where to find the “Invite” button and the modal where you’ll enter your friends names before sending invites.

safely invite all Facebook friends to a group

As you can see in the image above, the “+ Invite” button is right below the bottom right corner of the cover photo. When you click on it, a modal appears and you’ll be able able to choose friends from your list and send invites.

Choose as many friends as you can and invite them to your group. Keep repeating the same procedure after every 12 – 24 hours until you’ve gone through your entire friend’s list.

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Will i get Banned?

With this working trick, you will not get banned if your account has been running for quite some years. If you just joined Facebook recently, stay away from adding friends to groups.

It might get your account flagged for suspicious activity and prompt a verification from the Facebook Spam Team. This could take you some time or in the worst scenario, you could have your account disabled for good.

The old trick of opening up pseudo accounts, adding so many friends and inviting them to a group in just days will not work in this era. You need a lot of patience to grow your member base on Facebook.

The best way to grow your Facebook group nowadays is by posting lots of useful information more often. With this approach, targeted readers will gain much interest in joining your group because it posts stuff that is relevant to them.

You also have to moderate all the member posts before approving them. This helps you combat spam and stay safe. Groups with too much spam get disabled often.

This tutorial should save you the hustle of adding members to a Facebook group. I have tested it and it works fine. I’ll be glad if it works for you too.

So do you choose safety like me or you’re that bad boy that feels can trick Facebook in this era? If you have any bad boy trick that works safely, share it with me in the comment section and grow your crew with a snap of a finger.

Authored By Kolo Pius

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