How to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups

How to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups

You should know how to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups if you are to post in multiple Facebook groups successfully. It’s a common thing to get blocked from posting in Facebook groups especially in scenarios of violations.

In this post i will not only show you how to start posting on Facebook groups without any bans or restrictions by Facebook. We all know from 2020, its way harder to use the same tricks we used back then.

Good thing is nowadays you are first restricted from a few hours to a few days unlike the old days when your account got locked up in Facebook Jail for 14 days with no access to any group operations.

The Facebook ban used to take a minimum of 14 days (Two weeks) for the first restriction, then 18 – 21 days for the second restriction. However, the third violation gets your account disabled and prompts a verification test. Here you have to send your real identification documents and if you haven’t been using your real names on Facebook, its time to say bye to your account.

Why we get Blocked

Am going to list down some of the scenarios that can cause a violation and show you how you can escape Facebook’s spam detector. The actions below could get you get banned from posting in groups.

  • Posting banned or spam links
  • Posting at a high pace
  • Sending too many group requests in a day
  • Multiple flags from group administrators and moderators
  • Using scripts to auto add friends to a group
  • Posting restricted content
  • Posting copyright infringing media
  • Violating group terms & conditions
  • Using Group Auto-post applications

How to avoid getting blocked

You can try to avoid getting blocked from Facebook groups but what you should know is as time goes on, it becomes harder to post to very many Facebook groups without being noticed. You’ll definitely get flagged for spammy behavior at one point.

Facebook’s spam detector is very active and has actually become way better and smarter. The spam team keeps improving it every now and then. Your best odds is reducing the risk of bans.

I mention some of the ways you can reduce the risk to minimal. These measures can help reduce your risk of getting blocked on Facebook groups if implemented the right way.

Add reasonable intervals between your posts

Posting at a high pace is one of the alerts for Facebook spam detectors. Make sure you add reasonable time time intervals between your posts. Lets say you are posting 5 posts in less than 10 seconds, no human can do this in the actual world. This is an automatically alert to Facebook spam detectors. You need to add intervals of at least 10 minutes in between the posts to make it look more natural and human.

If you are posting 30 posts try and keep a 20 minutes interval, 50 posts try and keep at least a 35 minutes interval. 100 posts per day seem quite suspicious. Actually i would advise you to stay away from posting over 30 articles to Facebook groups in a day. I haven’t gone that far lately because i choose to keep my account safe.

If you are that kind that insists on posting to 100 groups in a day, you could take the risk but add higher intervals between the activities. In such cases, most people use software and scripts to accomplish this task. I would recommend you automate the process too and simplify stuff.

Don’t send too many group requests

With the new Facebook Beta version, the discover groups page lists very many groups. It is very tempting and can push you to send very many requests in a day. Do not fall into this trap! Only send requests to join less that 10 groups in a day. Anything above this limit is risky.

Many new users usually fall victim to this because they feel they should join very many groups in a day. This isn’t possible any more like it was in the previous interfaces. Sending too many requests within a short interval usually leads to a ban.

If you are hungry to join groups, endeavor to send not more than 30 join requests in 48 hours. Reiterate the same procedure until you join all the groups you want.

Don’t post banned links

Links from certain websites are banned from Facebook especially competitor social networks and un-trusted websites. Some of the banned links are, UCOZ, link-bucks and many link shrinking sites.

These links are banned from Facebook and if posted, you will receive a warning or a security test. It’s advisable to visit Facebook’s support center and check on the kind of links they restrict.

Don’t use Auto-Add scripts

Some scripts will save you the hustle of adding multiple members to a Facebook groups and posting but what you need to know is none of these scripts are safe anymore however much the authors claim them to be. Simply stay away from them.

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Don’t post Copyrighted or Restricted Content

Copyrighted and restricted content will not only get you banned from posting in Facebook groups but might also cost you an account. Such content include links from Adult sites, Fraudulent sites. Visit this page to read Facebook’s community standards and know the kind of content they don’t allow on the social network.

Comply with Group Terms and Conditions

Some groups have rules and regulations. They expect their members to follow them. When you fail to adhere to these rules, you risk getting flagged and reported to the Facebook Spam Team. If a group doesn’t allow posting certain promotional links then try and respect their expectations.

Use Auto Posting applications the right way

I wouldn’t rule out such apps. A few of them still work and will help you post to multiple Facebook groups at scheduled intervals. You just have to schedule your posts and let the application to do the rest.

You shouldn’t post to so many groups with such applications but rather a few that you are familiar with. If you go against this, you will automatically get blocked from posting on Facebook groups and at the cost of the script author’s developers account.

When using any Facebook multiple group poster, try to keep the time interval between the posts to at least 5 – 1o minutes and post to less than 30 groups in a day. I’ve used such applications before and am writing from my personal experience with them.

Keep increasing the interval between posts with time to naturalize the process.

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This guide should help you. If followed the right way it will be almost impossible for Facebook to ban you from groups. In case you get banned you can try and check your support center for notification about the length of the ban. Like said earlier, the ban lasts from a few days to weeks depending on the severity.

Authored By Kolo Pius

Kolo Pius is the founder of TutorialFAQ. He writes Badass articles for it and is an avid traveler too. Most of the time he travels while blogging and coding. You can hire me for your next Web Project, Mobile Project or SEO Services. About Me | Facebook | Twitter


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28 comments on “How to avoid being blocked from posting in Facebook groups”

  1. Reggie

    How many violations can you get before facebook erases your account? Do they keep a record for a certain time and your violations go back to zero after a certain period of time?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Hello Reggie,

      The ban keeps increasing. The first might last for an average of two weeks and the second for 4 weeks and the third is what prompts verification. However, if your account has been verified by phone then you can always unlock it. Facebook is very strict and they keep track of their violations. I recommend posting once to a maximum of 30 groups per day. Are you using a pseudo account or your own account? Please let me know. By the way, i have updated the post and i hope you like it. Regards!

    2. Kolo Pius

      Of course they keep a record. Usually more than 5 repetitive violation should prompt account verification.

  2. Ivan

    Kolo, thanks for the article, really helpful!!. Do you know if it is possible to increase the amount of daily groups by using different pseudo accounts, you know, 30 posts with account #1, another 30 with #2 and so on, I think FB easily can look at the IP address and discover the trick, but not sure whether they’re doing it or not. I wouldn’t want to use a proxy to change the IP.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Hello Ivan, Facebook has become so strict lately especially on pseudo accounts. Post in not more that 20 groups daily then wait for some minutes before you post using another pseudo account as well. After this, you can simply comment on your respective posts to pull them up in groups once in a while.

    2. Kolo Pius

      Just add reasonable time interval between posts and it should be okay.

  3. Marianne

    I have some businesses that I post for! I joined groups that they relate to or allow . I have been sharing for over a month and with no problems, now both of my husband and I got ban from posting to groups! My husbands ban was lifted and I slowly shared to only 3 groups and it was ban him again. I may have on one group by accident shared twice and got reported ! Is there a way to post to groups again without being ban! Should I create a new facebook page to post these business from . We are admins on the pages!Thank You

    1. Kolo Pius

      A lot has changed about Facebook and things have become tighter than before. I will try to update this post soon with new tricks we can use to beat their current Algo. Please keep in touch 🙂

      1. Magda

        Hi! Have you managed to update the article? It’s really helpful!

        1. Kolo Pius

          Facebook has changed a lot since i crafted this piece. Will update soon.

          1. Farouq

            I’ve been blocked 6 days then got free for one day then another 6 days. I can not post or comment in any Facebook groups, All I’m doing is approving posts since I’m an admin in a group that requires the posts to be approved before it can been shown to the rest of us. Is approving the posts so fast is a problem ?

          2. Kolo Pius

            Its very hard to know where the problem is coming from. Did you add so many members to the group at ago or use any script? The best thing to do right now is to stay away from posting in groups.

        2. Kolo Pius

          I have updated it now. Thanks for your patience 🙂

    2. Kolo Pius

      Stay away from posting to groups for some time. If you have more accounts the better. The bots are closely monitoring your account i guess and any suspicious behavior will earn you another ban.

  4. Laura

    I was blocked after posting to 20 for sale groups at one time. This is not only a feature that Facebook allows, but promotes. They say something like “to sell your item faster, sell to more places.” Why do they offer this feature if they perceive it as spam? This is absurd.

    1. Kolo Pius

      One or more of your posts could have been flagged by group moderators/admins.

  5. Hayabee

    Nice Tips, Thanks

  6. Tracy Fletcher

    That makes no sense what so ever, they are just relying on a computer system and not checkling your history of where you havebeen as you can’t appeal, you can’t contact anyone. where does it say this in their help file that this is the reason your blokced? I am in mainly buy & sell groups. I am in 25 of those type groups, when you post an item for sale facebook gives you a box to tick all the groups you want to post that item to at once. If it didn’t want you doing that then why do facebook let you set up groups, why do facebook let you even list items for sale and post to so many groups at once. If they call listing a barbie doll for sale suspicious then we shold all leave the planet!
    I am not an abusive perosn I don’t even use swear words, they are not nice words.
    It’s like once I listed a Disney Arile the little mermaid poster for sale, facebook system blocked it becuase the detecting software saw a fish tail in the picture. I appealed in that useless box they give you, but noting was done, seems the system thought I was selling fish, this is how crazy it’s getting.
    But there should be somebody to go through your history, becuase technology is not always right. I have been on facebook 10 years no problem, just 3 weeks ago got his block come up when I listed a charity event poster on an event type group, then when the restriction was lifted, I got blokced again 2 days later for 7 days, then again. I can’t get hold of help, they don’t respond, I wrote to thei London head office and no reply. innocent people are been striped of their humna rihgts here to a decent defecne and appeal, seem slike facebook think they can do what they like to you. I mean a police man wouldn’t be able to arrest you for no reason on the street without proof. Why do facebook not give you your human rights here, why are they not reviewing where you have been. I’m sorry but if they didn’t want groups they sholdn’t allow them and if they think something is suspicious they shold warn you first. Honestly a bunch of collectibles being sold is not suspicious or abusive, so somethign is going horribly wrong. I have written to bbc news and watchdog, I encourge everyone else to do the same, so this story can go boom and have some actaul answers, becuase these reasons people are giving on thse forums are not given on facebooks page themsleevs, so where are people getting their info and proof, that this is the reason?

    1. Kolo Pius

      They have always relied on bots. Try using the new Beta interface and see if the same happens.

  7. pizza

    This always happening Im Using several fb accounts to post in groups bt certainly i get blocked posting around all accounts i got and am not sure of your explanation what other solution apart from yours ,that i got blocked becourse i post too recently bt i dont use single account i got a library of fb accounts please help out here

    1. Kolo Pius

      If you use multiple Facebook accounts. Engage in other stuff too. Like posts, share posts, comment on friend’s posts and so on. Do not use an account for posting to groups only. Also, one of your posts could have been flagged by a moderator.

  8. Aalejandro P. Hamblin

    When I share my website link to facebook post. I get this error (“Posts that look like spam according to our Community Guidelines are blocked on Facebook and can’t be edited.”). My website has no content that violates fb community guidelines. My website link is Please help.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Your website could have been flagged for spam.

  9. Alice

    Facebook has sent me zero notifications of my being put in “Facebook Jail”, yet I can’t post in any groups, including my own two groups, for at least two weeks now. I’ve written to them repeatedly but I get no response. Do I have any recourse at all? Thanks.

    1. Kolo Pius

      Facebook keeps changing its UI. Previously they notified users but nowadays, they just restrict you. Try visiting the support center and check when your ban expires.

  10. Wah

    How groups can I share within 1-2 hour with 1 account?
    If so, how can I share more than that? should I use multiple accounts instead?

    1. Kolo Pius

      Try to add a 15 minutes interval between your posts, Do not exceed posting to 30 groups in a day. Cheers!

  11. Bro TK

    Thanks you Admin, for this article. It’s nice article I like it.

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