How to buy a domain name

Where to buy a domain name (Beginners)

One common question asked by newbies is: how do i buy a domain name, where to buy domain names or where can i buy a domain name? I asked myself the same questions when i was new to domains but the more i got there, the more interesting everything became. I learnt about the cheapest registrars, free coupons and how to buy already registered domains from third party markets.

When buying a domain name you usually encounter two situations: you either buy non registered domain names or buy already registered domain names that are parked up for sale on third party markets. Truth is not all the names you will brainstorm will be available for purchase and as years go by, many domain names are taken and more top-level domains (TLDs) are innovated. If you don’t know what a top level domain is, it is the last portion of a domain name or perhaps the letters that follow the final dot for example .COM, .NET, .XYZ, .UG and so many more.

The only difference is domains that are already registered are very expensive as compared to non-registered domains. In fact so many people nowadays venture into buying multiple domain names with hope that some day they will sell it at a high price and make profits out of it.

Where can we buy a Domain

If you are a newbie then this article is perfect for you. Even intermediates can still pick something from it too.

1 – Buy a Web Hosting package and get a free domain name

The easiest and cheapest way to buy a domain name is by signing up for a hosting package on big servers like Blue Host, Inmotion Hosting, I Page, Hostgator, DreamHost, Arvixe Web Hosting and so many other servers. One advantage of this is you will get a free lifetime domain and all you have to do is keep on renewing your web hosting subscription to keep your domain active. The 10 web hosting companies below will give you a free domain when you sign up for a hosting package with them.

2 – Buy a Domain name from a Domain provider

A domain provider is a company which sells domain name registrations to the public. Good examples of these are GoDaddy,, eHost and Bluehost which are so far among the biggest domain providers in the world.

If you want to buy a domain name from a domain provider simply visit their website and follow the procedures involved. Most companies accept payment using credit cards and paypal. Only a few accept other payment platforms like Skrill and Perfect Money.

3 – Buy a domain from a domain reseller

Domain resellers usually buy reselling packages from domain providers and sell to third parties to make profit. They can be the easiest to reach because all countries have thousands of them but i always discourage people from dealing with such people.

Imagine a case where you buy a hosting package then after sometime you ask to transfer your website to another host and your domain registrar holds the domain or starts playing cat and mouse with you, wouldn’t that be a set back to you? Good thing with dealing with big companies is they are way ethical and will always deliver something if agreed upon. In fact it’s recommended to buy your own domain name before signing up for any hosting package because it gives you absolute control over it.

These are the Points you should remember when buying a domain name

  • Enter Valid information: This is very vital and any wrong information might prompt the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN ) to cancel your domain. Make sure you enter valid contact information.
  • Buy a domain from a big domain provider: Avoid buying domain names from small scale resellers or resellers you can’t trust or else do and risk having less or no access to it’s control in the near future.
  • Choose a name related to your website’s niche: It’s a good tendency to choose a name related to your website’s niche or category. I won’t explain the details but it’s way advantageous when it comes to search engine ranking.

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I hope by now you know how and where to buy a domain name, you can refer to this step by step guide for buying a domain from Godaddy for the exact steps to follow while registering a domain with GoDaddy.

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